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5 Things That Are Holding Your E-commerce Brand Back

What do you think is holding your small business back from reaching its full potential? Is it your shipping process? Are you looking for ways to help increase your business’s […]

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What is Media Mail?

Say your business specializes in sending items like books and CDs. You’re looking for a new, cheaper way to send your products. After scouring the internet, you discover USPS offers […]

Shipping to PO Boxes may be more common than you think. Get a refresher with ShippingEasy!

Shipping to PO Boxes

When we say “PO box,” what exactly comes to mind? It’s a term you may hear thrown out by various pop culture figures to receive fan mail without giving out […]

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Onyx Products® Shipping Supply Store

Onyx Products® is a shipping supply store in our Stamps.com family designed to help you find all of your shipping supplies and is accessible from your ShippingEasy dashboard. This eliminates […]

Sustainable shipping is possible for your small business. Find out how with ShippingEasy!

Sustainability for Small Businesses

Sustainable shipping is possible for businesses both big and small. We understand running your small business is time-consuming enough without adding additional responsibilities,

USPS truck delivering package with Priority Mail label on it

USPS Priority Mail: A Full Breakdown

Table of Contents: What is Priority Mail? How much is Priority Mail? Commercial Rates vs. Retail Rates Conclusion Recommended Bookmarks USPS Priority Mail is a convenient, cost-effective method for shipping […]

Let ShippingEasy guide you through delayed 2022 USPS surcharges!

USPS Surcharge Changes for April 2022

Beginning April 3, USPS will be introducing surcharges for oversized packages with sides over 22” or 30.” These surcharges were announced as part of USPS’s 2022 rate changes beginning in […]

Learn how to ship alcohol with UPS and FedEx!

How to Ship Alcohol

With so many guidelines and restrictions in place, it’s easy to feel like you’re on the rocks with shipping alcohol. We’ll uncork carrier restrictions and give you advice on securely packaging your alcohol.

ShippingEasy is here to break down shipping terms you might see when starting your small business!

Small Business Shipping Terms

Starting a new small business can be challenging, and that’s not including all the new terms that come with it. We’re here to help! Our small business shipping terms guide […]

Let ShippingEasy guide you through the basics of USPS Parcel Select

What is USPS Parcel SelectⓇ?

As of July 9, 2023, Retail Ground, Parcel Select, and domestic First-Class Package Service will be combined into USPS Ground Advantage™. Visit our blog for more information! If your business […]