USPS Surcharge Changes for April 2022

By Baillee Perkins
Mar 28, 2022
Let ShippingEasy guide you through delayed 2022 USPS surcharges!

Beginning April 3, USPS will be introducing surcharges for oversized packages with sides over 22” or 30.” These surcharges were announced as part of USPS’s 2022 rate changes beginning in January but were delayed until April 2022. We understand these changes sound scary, so we’ve included more information about what the surcharges are, what you can do to avoid them, and how ShippingEasy can help!

What are surcharges?

Surcharges are additional fees added to packages that don’t comply with the regulations USPS gives for using their services. For example, if your package has longer sides than the regulations USPS has, your package can receive additional charges once it’s been scanned by USPS. For instance, if you send multiple packages with the same incorrect dimensions, surcharges can quickly add up, costing your business money from all the additional fees. Incorrect dimensions can even lead to potential order delays for your customers because these shipments can take longer to process. 

What are the new surcharges?

Moving forward, USPS is going to charge more for really long and really big packages. These charges apply to Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, USPS Retail Ground, and Parcel Select, and these changes will not apply to Media Mail. These surcharges will also be applied to both domestic and commercial shipments. This also doesn’t apply to First-Class Package Service as these dimensions are too large for that service. USPS will re-rate shipments that are too big as Priority Mail, which may then incur additional fees.

This means shipments with sides longer than 22” will be subject to $4 fees, and shipments with sides longer than 30” or over 2 cubic feet (3,456”) will be subject to $15 fees. If the dimensions of a package are incorrect, an additional fee of $1.50 will also be added. Your package’s cubic measurements can be found using [ Length x Width x Height ] / 1728. 

Can I dispute an adjustment or surcharge?

If you believe you were incorrectly issued adjustment fees, you can dispute the charge with the USPS directly. You will need to contact the USPS Automated Package Verification department directly. Email [email protected] or call 1-844-819-5187, and provide as much of the below information as possible:

  • Adjustment ID from your USPS postage account 
  • The last four digits of the Tracking Number
  • The reason or explanation for the dispute (with as much detail as possible)

The adjustment ID can be found within your One Balance account by going to your Shipping dashboard and logging into your One Balance account. Once logged in, you should be able to filter your shipments by date. Adjustments are generally given after a shipment has been scanned into USPS’s system, so we recommend filtering your shipments over the course of several days instead of only during the timeframe it was shipped. Once your shipment is located, click on the shipment, and your adjustment ID will be visible in the popup window. The tracking number is also visible within your One Balance account.

How can I save on shipping costs and avoid surcharges?

When entering your dimensions in ShippingEasy, we will automatically calculate any applicable fees, which will show up under the “Additional Charges” section. Adding your dimensions is the best way to ensure you’re paying the correct shipping costs to avoid additional surcharges and fees from carriers. Ignoring the dimensions given by USPS can cause your package to be rerouted as Priority Mail, resulting in more adjustment fees. We recommend entering the dimensions for all of your shipments when possible to avoid any surcharges/USPS adjustments. For more information on how to use our rate calculator or where to enter these dimensions, reach out to our award-winning support team.

While the price of these surcharges can’t be discounted, ShippingEasy users have access to USPS Commercial Rates. These commercial rates are heavily discounted USPS rates you don’t have to negotiate on your own and are accessible to all of our users, regardless of plan level. For access to these rates and our rate calculator, start your free 30-day free trial today at

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