Commercial Shipping Simplified with ShippingEasy

By Baillee Perkins
Nov 23, 2021
Using ShippingEasy can save your small business time and money.

Running your own small business can mean you’re in charge of everything, including shipping. Shipping doesn’t have to be hard, and that’s why we’re called ShippingEasy! Between the negotiated commercial USPS rates and the affordable UPS rates we offer our merchants, the option to connect your own carrier accounts, and sub accounts, ShippingEasy is here to help make your shipping process as smooth as possible. 

What is ShippingEasy?

We’ve given you some information on some of the features we offer, but what about ShippingEasy as a company? Once upon a time (2012, to be exact), in Sydney, Australia, ShippingEasy was born. Over the past nine years, we have become an amazing resource for business owners looking to streamline their shipping process. Whether it’s our ability to integrate with marketplaces to provide you with automatic order downloads (for applicable orders), shipping rules that help to apply presets and conditions to your orders, or the rates we offer our subscribers, ShippingEasy continues to be a leader in the shipping software industry. Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, let’s discuss our features and benefits further. 

Discounted Rates

If you aren’t familiar with the term commercial shipping, or you need a quick refresher, here’s a friendly reminder: commercial shipping involves the shipping of products that have been purchased from a business. This is why those commercial rates are so essential when it comes to talking about your shipping rates. 

USPS Commercial Rates

We offer commercial USPS rates to all of our customers, regardless of the subscription plan. This way, you can spend less time negotiating your rates and more time making sure your customers’ packages are being shipped faster. ShippingEasy merchants can enjoy up to 89% off USPS rates. These shipping discounts mean more money back into your business, and for small business owners, we know those discounts can be essential. 


For most accounts, we offer a UPS account, where our merchants can save up to 82% on UPS rates. Using UPS gives you access to features like delivery confirmation, declared value, and additional handling at an affordable cost. If the option for this UPS account isn’t visible on your One Balance and Carriers page, reach out to our wonderful Support team to see if your account is eligible! 

ShippingEasy can help save you time and money on the shipping process.

Connect Your Own Carriers 

Currently, ShippingEasy only has partnerships with USPS and UPS, but we provide you with the option to connect your own carriers to use for shipments, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express. This way, you’re still able to use those carriers within your shipping progress with the rates applied to your personal accounts. 

Sub Accounts 

If your business has multiple carrier accounts or your business functions as a fulfillment center, sub accounts might be the feature for you! Sub accounts give you the option to connect multiple accounts for USPS One Balance, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. This allows you to select different carriers for orders on the Ready to Ship page. You can also create a shipping rule that allows sub accounts to be assigned to certain orders. To have sub accounts enabled for your account, reach out to our amazing Support team. 


We understand that running a small business can be challenging, and that’s why we want to give you some help. We’ve been in the shipping business for nine years, and we’ve learned how to make the shipping process easier for our merchants. We provide discounted rates and the option to connect your own carriers to save you time and money. For even more advice on how to make shipping easier for your business, check our eBook below! 

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