The Ultimate SMB Checklist: How to Master Small Business Saturday and the Holiday Season

Did you know that 52% of consumers agree that lack of insight into shipment or return status often causes them to choose to shop with larger retailers vs small/local/independent businesses?

The pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives, including the way consumers shop with small-and-medium-sized businesses. We conducted a recent survey of 2,000+ consumers based in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia to better understand this shift in buying behavior and how SMB e-commerce merchants can adapt to meet these new demands in time for the holiday season. In addition to exclusive research, we have collaborated with industry partners — from carriers to e-commerce platforms — to reveal the actionable steps and best practices that will help you get your SMB holiday-ready!

Download The Ultimate SMB Checklist for access to:
  • Exclusive survey data on how consumer behaviors have shifted
  • Top 3 ways retailers can persuade potential customers
  • Insight on e-commerce best practices from industry experts
  • Tips on how to optimize fulfillment for your SMB
  • Printable month-by-month holiday prep checklist

Ultimate SMB Checklist


say they spent more in 2020 with small, local, and independent businesses to show their support than they did before the pandemic.


say they discovered a new small, local, or independent e-commerce retailer via social media within the last year.


say that they are more likely to consult online reviews for small/local/independent brands than they are for big-box retailers

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Small Business Landscape

  • The Background on Our Research
  • How the E-Commerce World Changed
  • How the E-Commerce World Changed

Chapter 2
Prepping for the 2021 Holiday Season

  • Whip Your Business Into Shape
  • Take Your Business from Servicable to Optimal
  • Turning Your Checkout Experience Into Conversion Central

Chapter 3
Gain a Good Reputation

  • Review Your Reviews Approach
  • The Power of Product Reviews
  • Changing Up Your Marketing Channels
  • Advanced Segmentation Strategy
  • The Multi-Choice of Multichannels
  • How to Seal the Sale
  • The Post-Purchase Experience

Chapter 4
Optimize Fulfillment & System

  • From In-House to Outsourced
  • Shipping Rules That Save You Time & Money
  • Global Aspirations
  • Reasons Why Website Visitors Become Customers
  • Return if You Want To
  • Create a Seamless Returns Experience

Chapter 5
How to Maintain the Relationship

  • Off to Remarket
  • The Customer Service Line
  • Don’t Forget to be Green!

Chapter 6
Forecast, Adapt, and Prepare

  • Look to the Past to Prepare for the Future

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