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LIVE: packing slips BEFORE you ship! + Print Labels in order you select

By Jack Ship
Jun 12, 2013

Many of you shared that prefer printing a packing slip before you generate a shipping label. Whether it’s to pick products and place in bins or because you like to tape up your box before you create shipping labels, IT IS HERE.

Now, you can print Packing Slips in bulk right from the Orders page. You can select all orders by ticking the box in the orange heading and then click on “Print Selected Packing Slips” under the MORE button in the header. This allows you to generate 1 big PDF with all your packing slips BEFORE you start shipping. .


We have also introduced the ability to print your labels in the exact order you select them from the Orders page. From what many of our customers shared, this allows you to create batches to print in the exact sequence your bins or orders are laid out in. You can opt for this in your Settings >> Labels = “order selection sequence”.

COMING SOON: and that’s not all, we have lots more to be released in the coming week

  • Save Selections: We are currently working on enabling you to “Save Selections” on the Ready to Ship page. So, you can Save your Shipping preferences as you ship and then select that preference in the future without the drop downs! We know less clicks are crucial and we are eliminating inefficiencies anywhere we can.
  • Batches with varying weights: many of you have asked us about creating large batches of first class (or priority) packages with varying weights. Today, batches work well for flat rate, regional rate and others with identical weights…..we will be extending their usefulness in the coming week.
  • Volusion customers customize Order status: if Volusion is your store platform, you will soon be able to specify which Order Status we download and thus we will return to the popular hourly download so you are never waiting for orders.
  • Batch print history retained: once you print a batch, the shipments appear in your shipment history as individual labels. In some instances, you might have a printer jam or other and need to reprint the entire batch without selecting one by one, we hear you! It’s coming early next week.

Thank you for providing us with regular feedback and ideas. We have a team of people dedicated to features that you request. So, keep your ideas coming! Our mission is clear – make Shipping Easy.

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