How to Ship 2023’s Top Holiday Products

By Baillee Perkins
Oct 24, 2023
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It seems like we blinked, and it’s already time for the holiday season. Customers will start flocking to your site, especially if your business sells one of the top holiday products for 2023. From the 2023 Barbie Dreamhouse to UGG® slippers, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the top gift ideas and the products projected to be the most popular this holiday season. Now all that’s left to do is to refresh your memory on how to ship them. And don’t worry, in this blog, batteries are included. 


Table of Contents

  1. What are the top holiday products for 2023?
  2. Toys
  3. Games
  4. Beauty
  5. Fashion
  6. Electronics/Appliances
  7. Coffee
  8. How to ship fragile items
  9. How to ship electronics
  10. How to ship beauty products and toiletries
  11. How to ship clothes
  12. How to ship food
  13. Holiday marketing tips for your products
  14. Conclusion
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What are the top holiday products for 2023?

Our recent study with Retail Economics found that 88% of shoppers plan to do their shopping online globally. This means customers will turn to online marketplaces for the top holiday products and other gifts. Before you start planning your inventory and marketing strategies, you’ll need an idea of what the top predicted holiday products will be. We’ve assembled some of the top trending and predicted products for 2023, and, for easy reading, we’ve broken these products down by vertical below. 


  • The 2023 Barbie Dreamhouse: With the popularity of the Barbie movie, it’s no surprise that the 2023 Barbie Dreamhouse is set to be one of the most sought-after toys this season. 
  • Elmo Slide Plush: Elmo is singing and dancing his way into this holiday season with a brand-new toy for kids. This plush comes with the ability to play a version of Simon Says and is bilingual, singing and speaking in both Spanish and English. 
  • Zero Gravity Sprint RC Car: Remote-controlled cars also seem to be making a comeback this holiday season with items like the Zero Gravity Sprint RC Car (and the Barbie Corvette). This car can drive up walls and ceilings, so it stands out amongst its competitors. 
  • Fashionista Barbie: This holiday season is truly shaping up to be the Season of the Barbies. Fashionista Barbies place the doll in a variety of outfits and are more inclusive than the traditional Barbie. 

Learn how to ship these toys in our fragile items section.


  • Clue Conspiracy: Aimed at teenagers and adults, Clue Conspiracy requires players to not only solve a mystery but unravel a conspiracy. Unlike past versions of the game, Clue Conspiracy also divides players, giving some the role of saboteurs. 


  • Bath bombs and shower steamers: According to Amazon’s trending Christmas gifts, bath bombs and shower steamers both seem to be popular purchases. For those unfamiliar with these products, they dissolve in water and are usually fragranced (some even have trinkets or glitter inside). If your business is in the business of self-care products like these, now’s the time to bring these products to the forefront of your website because 41% of customers have already started their holiday shopping.

For tips on shipping beauty products, hop down to our toiletries section.


  • UGG® Slippers: It’s said that popular fashions cycle every 20 years, and the re-emergence of UGG® Slippers seems to uphold this theory. These slippers are insulated on the inside and come in a variety of colors. 

Try our tips for shipping clothing on for size. 


  • Air fryers: When it comes to appliances, air fryers are projected to be a popular gift this year. Air fryers are more convenient to use than actual fryers, saving customers counter space and the hassles of hot oil. 
  • Bluetooth speakers: In our research, we found that Bluetooth speakers of all varieties, including beanies, seem to be a common theme across gift guides. Holiday gatherings and celebrations need background music, and customers will be traveling, so the demand for Bluetooth speakers makes sense. 
  • Neck pillows and massagers: We spend an ample amount of time working on computers, sitting in meetings, and on other activities that aren’t the best for our neck and back. Customers could purchase these products for gifts and for themselves, so you have multiple marketing opportunities. 

Recharge your shipping knowledge in our section about shipping electronics.


  • French press: Over the years, coffee machines like Keurigs and Nespresso makers have gained notoriety. However, based on our findings, the French press seems to be making a comeback. The small size of a French press makes it easily portable, and there’s no need for electricity, which might account for the increased popularity. 
  • Heated mugs: We personally hate reaching for our coffee, only to find that it’s gone cold. Heated mugs keep your coffee and other hot beverages hot, so regardless of the temperature outside, you can stay warm. 
Don’t try to read minds this holiday season. Read more about customer expectations in our blog!

How to ship fragile items

Toys are easily breakable, so it’s crucial to wrap them properly to avoid damage in transit. This also goes for items that are easily bendable. Keep all of your customers’ toys safe this holiday season by: 

  • Picking boxes that aren’t much bigger than your products 
  • Adding “Do Not Bed” messaging to avoid packages being mishandled 
  • Including arrows on the outside of your package to show carriers how the box should be handled 
  • Wrapping your product multiple times in bubble wrap if it doesn’t come in a box or other productive packaging 
  • Filling any gaps between your item and the box with Kraft paper and other similar supplies to prevent any movement in transit. 

How to ship electronics

Electronics may require batteries and other devices, but there are international and domestic shipping guidelines for these products, especially when shipping batteries. Ensure your customers can watch their favorite holiday movies and listen to their favorite holiday tunes with the following tips: 

  • Package batteries separately in case of any leaks 
  • Familiarize yourself with international battery shipping restrictions 
  • Wrap all controllers and accessories separately to prevent damage
  • Add extra cushioning for electronics with screens like TVs and monitors 
  • Include all the required documentation for batteries to avoid returns shipments and/or additional fees

How to ship beauty products and toiletries

Many beauty products are made from packed powders or materials that can be pulverized with the wrong handling. Also, products like lotions and creams run the risk of leaking during their journey. To better protect beauty products and toiletries

  • Include labels on both the inside and outside of your shipment 
  • Avoid shipping products with strong smells, as they may be refused by carriers
  • Ship your products in a sealable and water-proof container or baggie in case of any spills
  • Remember that most carriers don’t allow for perfumes for alcohol to be shipped internationally or through their air-based services 

How to ship clothes

While most clothing doesn’t need specialty shipping, finding the best shipping rate for your package is key. Find the most affordable carrier service for your shipments by: 

  • Using ShippingEasy’s rate calculator to compare rates across carriers 
  • Utilizing flat-rate shipping options when available and for heavier clothing items 
  • Understanding the difference between DIM weight and actual weight to accurately estimate shipping costs

How to ship food

While the top items for the holiday season might not be food-related, your business may choose to include goodies as a reward for customers. Prevent your baked goods from crumbling or spoiling by: 

Sleigh your holiday shipping with the help of ShippingEasy.

Holiday marketing tips for your products

You can ensure your business is included in these sales by highlighting products similar to those predicted to be big sellers. For example, candles and nail polish pair nicely with bath bombs and shower steamers to create the perfect self-care night. Coffee goes well with cookies and snacks, and most people have a cup (or their first cup) with breakfast, and they’ll need appliances to make their breakfast. The list goes on and on: 

If your business sells miniatures or small accessories ➡️ Discuss how they fit with the Barbie Dreamhouse 

If your business sells clothing ➡️ Highlight outfits that look good with the UGG® slippers 

If your business sells phones or tablets  ➡️ Mention their Bluetooth speaker capabilities 

Keep your marketing on brand but unique

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is playing into internet trends that don’t align with their messaging; just because something is popular on social media doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your business. Don’t be afraid to be unique, but don’t forget your brand messaging in the process. Think of it like this — if your brand specializes in pet supplies, it wouldn’t make sense to talk about DVD players. So why would you participate in a trend that doesn’t relate back to your business and products?

ShippingEasy merchant, New Wave Toys, does an excellent job staying on brand while still creating unique content. In the recent release of their Replica Coke Vending Machine Mini Fridge, they played upon the Coke ads of the 80s. Their Instagram post clearly showcases the product and implores the nostalgia of Coke ads. It’s totally on brand with the products they sell. 

Be bold with your marketing, but don’t lose your audience with trend chasing. 


The holiday season may be rapidly approaching, but it doesn’t have to sneak up on your business. The top predictions for 2023’s most popular gifts are already being made, and it’s time to start thinking about how your products relate. Additionally, if your business plans to expand your inventory, or if you already sell these popular items, it’s worth brushing up on the best ways to ship them. Our recent study found that 41% of customers are already shopping for the holiday season, so start planning ASAP. The sooner your business establishes your shipping and marketing strategies for the holiday season, the sooner you can grab your UGG® slippers and settle in for a long winter’s nap. 

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