ShippingEasy is Introducing Our Greenest Way to Ship Program with South Pole!

By Baillee Perkins
Nov 16, 2022
Learn more about our Greenest Way to Ship Program with South Pole!

Your tree isn’t going to be the only green in your holiday season this year! We’re partnering with South Pole for a new green shipping initiative for customers using our USPS and UPS shipping rates. Beginning November 10, 2022, and running through January 12, 2023, ShippingEasy will cover the cost to offset the carbon emissions of the tens of thousands of merchants accessing our discounted rates. Now that we have your attention, let’s get into the full details of our Greenest Way to Ship Program

Globally, 56% of consumers would sacrifice a longer delivery time to make their delivery more sustainable.

Metapack Benchmark Report, 2022

What exactly is the Greenest Way to Ship Program?

Our planet needs help. Plain and simple. And anything we can do to help decrease carbon emissions is a win, especially with the increase in carbon emissions the holiday season brings.  That’s why we’re going to offset the carbon impact by supporting the Dempsey Ridge Wind initiative. We’re also calculating the carbon impact for every single shipment based on the distance it travels, the mode of transport (air, ground, etc.), and the shipment weight. Plus, all of the customers using our shipping rates are automatically opted into the Greenest Way to Ship Program, so you don’t have to take any action on your end. And, it’s completely free! 

Why is being carbon-neutral important?

According to the United Nations, our global carbon emissions need to be reduced by 45% in the next seven years to keep temperatures from fluctuating more than 1.5℃ above what temperatures were before the Industrial Revolution. Seven years may seem far away, but think about how long environmental programs take to plan and execute. Plus, we need to get every company, and really, person onboard. Our planet has a finite amount of resources, and we need to do what we can to preserve them; being carbon-neutral paves the way for more sustainable programs. 

We need every company and consumer alike to drastically reduce their emissions, now to achieve true climate impact.

However, with no time to waste and emissions-free operations still far in the future, businesses need to take responsibility for the emissions they have today. An effective way to do this is to invest in decarbonisation activities beyond their direct value chains. We congratulate ShippingEasy important efforts to reduce emissions and offset the ones they have, and hope that many companies will follow suit to help increase the speed and scale of global climate action.

Nick Aster, Marketing Director at South Pole

What are some other ways my business can be sustainable?

It may seem as though being sustainable is a costly transition for your business. In actuality, your small business can add small changes to your shipping process that can make a difference. For example, designate a box or bin for your recycling. This way, you’ll have everything in one place, so it’s easier to take outside to your recycling can or to your local recycling center later. Also, you can use recyclable shipping supplies like corrugated boxes and not over-order supplies you potentially won’t need. Keep track of how much of each type of supply you use, so your order reflects what’s actually being used. The earth (and your shipping supply budget) will thank you! 

How can I get my customers involved with sustainable initiatives?

We like the way you think! Don’t forget that social media is a powerful tool. You can host giveaways for your customers who submit photos and/or tag your business in posts that show how they’re being sustainable. Also, if your customer needs to send a product back, encourage them to reuse the original packaging, as long as any old labels or markings can be covered or removed.* 

*If you have any questions about reusing packaging, we recommend reaching out to your carrier directly before shipping. 

Learn more ways you can make your shipping green with Sustainability for Small Business.

Will the Greenest Way to Ship Program impact my delivery speeds?

Nope! You’ll select your carrier services as normal, and we’ll do the rest. Just look for the green leaf icon below when you’re selecting the carrier service you need. 


The holiday season is all about peace on Earth, but we sometimes forget about our planet itself. The holiday shipping season is the busiest time of the year, but it doesn’t have to be the least environmentally friendly as well. That’s why we’re starting the Greenest Way to Ship Program with South Pole. Not only do ShippingEasy merchants get discounted shipping rates this holiday season, but your shipping is actually making an impact. And that’s the real reason for the season. 

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