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Dayspring Pens


We spoke to Ray at Dayspring Pens about ShippingEasy and this is what he had to say…

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

It’s head and shoulders above other competitors. Other than just use, automation and integration, it’s reasonably priced and a good return on investment. I save on labor costs and the cost of errors.

I love that it is an integrated solution where all my orders are in one location and I can easily see what has shipped and what hasn’t. When customers call in with questions, it is simple to search and look up order information. The order imports and shipping notifications are automated so I do not need to do anything on my end. We already had our own rates before signing up with ShippingEasy so we didn’t see a huge savings on postage. It was nice being able to integrate our UPS accounts so we could access those rates.

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

We were copying and pasting shipping addresses into the Dymo software manually and having to paste tracking numbers back into our shopping carts. It was time consuming and the biggest challenge was keeping up with the number of orders we were receiving. It was a crazy process and took forever to do.

We didn’t even know there were solutions out there to help simplify our shipping process. We were looking in the 3dCart app store one day and stumbled across ShippingEasy. We started shopping around a bit and exploring our options. We had a lot of reservations at first. With other solutions, the integrations were limited, the order flow wasn’t seamless and there were a lot of challenges around general use. We’ve been really pleased with ShippingEasy. The few bugs we experienced when we first signed up were easily worked out and we haven’t regretted our decision. Also, Customer Support has always been super responsive so if we ever have any questions, we know they will be answered in a timely manner.

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

The rules. I love all the rules. When a customer pays for next day and 1-day transit, we can assign the carrier, carrier service and package type automatically. I have saved an incredible amount of time and have reduced errors by automatically assigning orders to certain carriers.

Lastly, our products are custom engraved, so it is beneficial to see a snapshot of our business in one location as well as be able to pull reports.

A little bit about Dayspring Pens

Dayspring Pens specializes in custom engraved Cross, Parker and Waterman Brand gift pens. For more information, visit their website.



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