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RipTide Sports Inc.


We spoke to Tracey at RipTide Sports, Inc. about ShippingEasy and this is what she had to say…

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

I have two stores which ‘sync’ into ShippingEasy – it’s a rare occasion when I get to the Orders page and newly arrived orders aren’t there first! If it happens, I simply select the sync button and within minutes, the order appears on the screen. A few clicks and the shipment is complete with the label ready to print. I have cut the time I used to spend generating shipping labels each day by over half – not to mention the mileage & time I save by not physically going to the Post Office each day! Not to mention the aggravation of standing in line.

If a customer has a question on an order or if I need to look at my shipment history – everything I have shipped is accessible via a single click and I can search/browse super easily from there. Occasionally I need to refund/redo a label – ShippingEasy has this well covered too. I do not have to wait for a refund to be approved, it happens automatically and I can duplicate and adjust a label, produce a new/corrected one or reprint a label immediately & easily. On the rare occasion I have needed to call ShippingEasy for help or advice – I have never once had to deal with a menu or wait in a queue. A person answers the phone who not only knows who I am, but is equipped to answer whatever question I have. I pride myself on the Customer Service we offer for our business – and I am impressed with the Customer Service I receive from ShippingEasy. I recommend ShippingEasy wholeheartedly and hope you will give them a try so you can see just how easy and what a time savings they truly are.

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

Before ShippingEasy I was using online – I was pretty happy with it for my Priority Postage. What I was not happy with was my daily need to send small packages via Air Mail – I stood in line daily at the Post Office to get these out…the physical pain of a start-up where cash is tight.

I was contacted by ShippingEasy when they did a promotion to offer services to BigCommerce customers – I was not convinced we were ‘big’ enough yet to afford the monthly fee but was convinced to give it a trial. I was pretty sure that at the end of it I would be going back to my routine and post office visits – I was stunned to realize at the end of the month that I could leave that unappealing aspect of my life behind and move on! Not only can I afford the monthly fee for ShippingEasy (by letting me ship at the ‘bulk commercial rate’ of USPS I save enough money that it pays for itself) but it is so utterly easy to use that I seriously can’t imagine using anything else! I can ship my First Class packages (domestic & international), all of my Priority items and for my customers who prefer UPS or FedEx – I can ship with those carriers via my same account as well.

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

It’s the little features that make ShippingEasy so awesome! If I print out a stack of labels via – perhaps all domestic, perhaps some international as well – I could not stack them to cut at one time as they never perfectly lined up. I can stack & cut my ShippingEasy labels no matter the mix! It also tells me exactly how many label sheets to put into the printer – I no longer have to count them myself. The savings on postage is significant and it’s very easy to browse the rates so I can see how best to pack the shipment (Flat Rate vs. Flat Rate Green vs. Priority). Guesswork and occasional repacking to get the best rate for my customer has been eliminated. 

A little bit about RipTide Sports, Inc

RipTide Sports, Inc. specializes in “new to the industry” products and is the only after-market skateboard accessory company that offers products for every single discipline within the Street & Longboard Markets. For more information, visit their website.



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