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Fat and the Moon


We spoke to Cherilyn at Fat and the Moon about ShippingEasy and this is what she had to say…

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

It truly has been a game changer. Our shipper and I regularly comment on how impressed we are with how user friendly and straightforward it is. On top of that, it is so customizable. The cost has been every bit worth the ease and benefits of ShippingEasy. Some of the highlights are that it is user friendly, straight forward and easy to use. We regularly use the feature to add manual orders to ship donations or testers for press, or to edit an order’s items or address once it has already been placed. The ability to customize the platform and shipping confirmation templates is a huge plus for us, as well as the categorize feature, which we use to organize and differentiate our wholesale orders from our retail orders.

Each time we have had a question or needed to troubleshoot an issue, the staff has responded via email within a couple hours and follows up on the issue immediately.

Aside from shipping, the reports feature has helped us track our shipping costs for both our point of sales, including wholesale orders, something we were not able to do prior to ShippingEasy.

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

When we revamped and launched our new website, we were faced with a handful of shipping snafus. For starters, Fat and the Moon was now shipping from both Etsy and orders placed on our Shopify powered site. In no time at all, we ran into a handful of shipping hurdles using Shopify’s built in shipping feature and shipping from two sites. ShippingEasy has been a game changer in the efficiency and amount of orders we can organize and send out into the world.

In search of shipping solutions we reached out to a handful of shipping sites to run trials. We had four “Must Haves”:

1) Must be able to batch print and ship for different size orders and boxes

2) Create a USPS scan form to stay on good terms with our local postal workers

3) Capability to split orders if they are too large to fit in one box

4) Print multiple labels on one sheet

The ShippingEasy staff was quick to respond and said, “Yes! We can do that – and then some” to each of our needs. Our only reservation was the cost. We are a small business, but have a large volume of orders that are shipped weekly, exceeding the maximum for the smallest plan.

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

Our most valued feature in ShippingEasy is really how easy and seamlessly the program preforms our “Must Haves”: printing a USPS scan form, ability to batch orders and print multiple shipping labels, and to split orders. The efficient staff, user friendly interface, and all other features are icing on the cake.

A little bit about Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon specializes in hand crafted herbal body care. For more information, visit their website.



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