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We spoke to Logan at Cuvee Coffee about ShippingEasy and this is what he had to say…

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

The automation is killer. We are a small team (8 people) with a massive production outreach. The fact that everything is web based is great too. We don’t need any extra hardware, printers, etc. Our customer service manager can easily process orders before arriving at work from his home computer. We save about $0.20/shipment through USPS. Customer service is where [ShippingEasy] kills it. We had lots of questions in the beginning, and from time to time, a quick email to the team got me a same day response.

We use a lot of pre-saved package settings in ShippingEasy to automatically weigh the outbound orders, sort them by carries (saving money) and by box size (saving time for production team). Every order comes complete with its shipping label and packing slip ready to go.

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

We were shipping our orders with WorldShip and Endicia depending on weight. Orders would be processed through the website, and shipping was handled at the point of packing. Upon completion, the shipping information was manually entered and printed. Manually entering information was incredibly time consuming. It offered lots of opportunities for mistakes, especially if customers moved, or were sending coffee as a gift to an address that was unique from the billing information.

Part of our new website goals was to automate shipping. Order processing had become a two click process, and we wanted to continue that use of technology onto shipping. The good folks at BigCommerce, recommended ShippingEasy as a great solution to automate shipping tasks.

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

Same day customized tracking emails are great. We have our account set up to automatically send the tracking information to our customers when the label has been processed. At a glance, we can also confirm if all information for that day has successfully been delivered to customers and that all labels have been processed.

Sending tracking information was not a simple solution. Because of the manual aspect of our system, if the email changed so must the tracking info. On average we would receive 10 emails a day requesting tracking information. This required us to revisit previous day’s shipments.

Our brand prides itself on being fun, and almost unprofessional. We were able to move away from the stuffy “Do have tracking info blah blah blah” to “AWE SHIP SON! Coffee is on its way! Get your mugs ready.” The graphics and our logo complements our shopping experience for our customers.

A little bit about Cuvee Coffee…

Cuvee Coffee specializes in coffee, small wares and coffee labs. For more information, visit their website.


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