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What Are the Cheapest Overnight Shipping Options?

By Claire Sandford
Jun 3, 2021

Most business owners will find themselves in need of overnight shipping services at some point. For some, overnight shipping may be a regular part of doing business. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a wider range of customers or need to make a delivery deadline, it’s important to understand the best overnight shipping options for your business. These services are more expensive than standard shipping options and can vary widely in cost depending on package specifications like weight, product type, or zone. Knowing which service is best for your business will help you save money and ensure a more efficient delivery. We’ll dive into different overnight shipping options below. 

Overnight Shipping Services  

USPS Priority Mail Express 

USPS Priority Mail Express offers guaranteed next-day and 2-day delivery. USPS can pick up the package from your place of business so you don’t have to make a trip to the post office. If shipping with USPS is already a part of your workflow, Priority Mail Express will be a convenient option. The maximum package weight for this service is 70 lbs. USPS Priority Mail Express will typically be the cheapest option for package weights under 24 lbs. or between 62-70 lbs

You can calculate the cost of shipping with USPS Priority Mail Express on their website based on your package and delivery specifications. 

UPS Next Day Air 

UPS Next Day Air provides guaranteed delivery for the next business day. UPS can deliver these packages by 10:30 AM or noon, making this service an excellent choice for time-sensitive deliveries. UPS also offers Next Day Air Saver, a more affordable next-day delivery option that ensures packages arrive by end of day. 

FedEx Standard Overnight

FedEx offers numerous overnight shipping options through Standard Overnight services. You can select different guaranteed delivery times for each package, making this service a convenient option for time-sensitive packages. FedEx offers early morning delivery, mid-morning delivery, and afternoon delivery times. This service is only available on weekdays, and Saturdays at an additional charge. 

overnight shipping options, under 24 pounds, usps wins, 24 to 59 pounds cheapest USPS except zone 3 which is FedEx, 59 to 62 pounds is fedex for zone 1,2, and 3, and usps for the others. 62 to 70 pounds is usps for all except zone 3 which is fedex, 70 to 150 pounds is fedex for all zones.

This chart shows which carriers typically offer the least expensive services based on weight and zones. USPS is a great option for many packages, as long as they are under 70 lbs. If you are shipping anything over 70 lbs., make sure to explore the rates at FedEx and UPS. The cheapest shipping option will depend on your delivery specifications.

Shipping rates are subject to change and can be hard for ecommerce sellers to keep up with. Check out the ShippingEasy Rate Change Guide to navigate shipping rates from UPS, USPS, and FedEx.  Investing in overnight shipping services can be costly, but worth it. As companies like Amazon normalize overnight and 2-day shipping services, consumer expectations are changing. It’s not necessary for your company to offer overnight shipping as your standard delivery service, but offering overnight shipping as a delivery option can help you attract more customers who value speed and convenience. If you’re looking to save on shipping costs, using a solution like ShippingEasy can give you access to discounted carrier rates. ShippingEasy can also streamline your fulfillment process—saving your business valuable time and money.

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