UPS Multi-package, USPS Scan Form Filters, New Shipping Rules, Dim Weight

UPS Multi-package, USPS Scan Form Filters, New Shipping Rules, Dim Weight

By Rob Zaleski
Jan 14, 2015

Hi there,

Happy New Year! We hope you had a very prosperous holiday season and a great start to 2015. Before we jump into some the new features released, we’d like to share a few items we think you’ll enjoy/benefit from.



  • Multi-package support for UPS shipments: we get it, sometimes an order requires multiple boxes to fit all the stuff. To add additional boxes to an order/shipment, just click the + on the Ready to Ship page to populate the details. Learn more.

  • Browse Rates from the Orders Page (domestic): The power of our drop-down at the end of each Order row swells with the addition of Browse Rates. If you like to ship directly from the Orders page using QuickShip OR want to check rates to determine which batch to include a specific order in, you can now browse USPS rates directly from any Order.
  • Easy selection of multiple Orders: speaking of the Orders page, you can now select (or de-select) a list of Orders by holding down SHIFT. Select the first Order row, then hold down the SHIFT key on your computer keyboard before selecting the last row to include. It will highlight all rows in between. Reverse this action to de-select a group of Orders. Time Saver!

  • USPS Scan Form Filters: Narrow the view on your USPS Scan Forms to a filtered list for convenience – by Ship Date, Origin Zip Code, Store and Carrier.

  • New Rules: if you’re not using Shipping Rules – you should be. Seriously. It is rare – if not improbable that you can’t shave time off your shipping day by setting up Rules. In short, Rules helps you automate repetitive decisions and preferences. Learn more.  Our Latest Additions:
    • Gift Orders: if you want to process Gift Orders differently or use a different email notification or Packing Slip, you can.
    • Destination Address Type: to apply different Saved Selections or highlight Orders headed for a PO box, APO or even highlight Residential addresses with a Category.
    • Email Notification: allows you to send a specific email notification based on an Order attribute (eg Gift or International orders for example)
    • Month of an Order: if you ship or process Orders differently based on time of year (live plants!), set up a Shipping Rule based on the Month the order is placed.
  • Easy Actions from Shipment History: to eliminate any confusion, we have spelled it all out! Easy label and packing slip reprints + all the actions you need related to shipping Labels.

Flat Rate Green:

If you missed the introduction of CHEAPER USPS RATES with Flat Rate Green, it’s not too late. Enter dimensions for every package to see if you qualify! OR, set up Custom Packages for any box you use on a regular basis and include the dimensions there. That will save you entering them every time. We will auto-populate every time you select that box for shipping and see if the shipment qualifies for Flat Rate Green automatically.

  • How do I enter dimensions? on the Ready to Ship page. We even have a little reminder so you don’t miss it:

  • How do I set up boxes that I use again and again with dimensions? You’ll find our Package Setup in your Settings. Then, you can access any Package you have set up from the Ready to Ship screen. Selecting a Package will auto-populate dimensions and/or weight depending on your preference once you do this! Do it once, apply it many.


While we have you, a few other things worth a scan:

ConnectEasy – a MUST have for anyone printing more than 10 labels a day. Your labels can print directly from Ready to Ship. You can designate domestic labels to 1 printer and international to another; UPS here and USPS there; packing slips to the left; labels to the right. Full control over printing from your browser – it’s magic.

  • NOT SET UP? Follow the step by step instructions here and you will never look back. Start the year off right. It will take you less than 5 minutes and you’ll save far more than that every time you print. Labels literally just print out!
  • ALREADY SET IT UP? Make sure you have the most recent version to enjoy all the fixes, improvements and speed injected into this tool recently.
    • YOU NEED VERSION: v4.4.1! You can check the version by clicking on the ConnectEasy icon – the version is listed right at the top of the pop-up box. Download the newest version on the same page.

Estimate weight – if you don’t have weights set up in your store – and have to enter them every time you ship, this is a MUST. Set up this rule and we will estimate the weight for all Orders we have seen before as we download them. You can override at anytime – but at least you’ll have a starting point.

USPS Account Manager – do you ship more than 500 packages per month? Ready to talk to a USPS Account Manager to ensure you have the best rates and access to FREE boxes and supplies (where relevant)? If you answered YES, provide a few details here and we’ll help route it to your local USPS Representative immediately. We want to make sure you’re all set for an awesome 2015!


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