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How to: Create and Ship Manual Orders

By Jack Ship
Mar 19, 2013

As part of our countdown to ShippingEasy II – the next version of our software due in early April – we would like to share the evolution of our Quick Ship feature.

QUICK SHIP set to retire: “Quick Ship” will give way to the more aptly named “Manual Orders” in our next version. Boring name – yes…….more useful, tick. Quick Ship is traditionally used for orders generated outside your online platform or marketplace OR for one-off label printing in a hurry.

A sneak peek of the new Manual Order feature to be launched in early April – replacing Quick Ship:

  1. Add Manual Order – this pop up box will be accessed within the main Orders screen offering a quick, tab-friendly way to enter orders generated outside your ecommerce store. The initial release will support single order entry; however, multiple orders will be supported via CSV file upload and excel copy and paste later in the month.
  2. Paste Address – this time saving feature will allow you to paste the full address from another program or page and we’ll do our best to parse the individual fields back to this form.
  3. Multiple Order upload – these future options, to be released later in April, support quick, multiple order upload directly to ShippingEasy:
    • CSV: will allow you to upload a CSV file replete with orders directly to the Orders screen
    • Excel: enables a blanket copy and paste of multiple order details from an excel file and the uploading to the Orders screen for shipping
  4. Order details – easy tabbing between fields to enter individual Order details and then Save (and upload) to the Orders screen for shipping.
  5. Save & Add Another – facilitates the entry of multiple orders in quick succession by saving one order’s details and moving you on to enter the next one.
  6. Save & Ship now – saves the order detail and takes you directly to the “Ready to Ship” screen for rate assignment and label printing. Perfect for getting a single order out quickly.
  7. Save & Close – saves the order detail and returns you to the Orders screen for order management and shipments.
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Jack Ship