Cheaper International Rates With inXpress and ShippingEasy

Cheaper International Rates With inXpress and ShippingEasy

By Rob Zaleski
Feb 9, 2016

Want better international rates? Trick question, everyone does. This is especially true since the USPS recent rate changes have hit international shippers much harder than anyone else. International sellers have been searching high and low for rates that can beat out Priority Mail International.

Well, look no further as ShippingEasy and inXpress have got you covered! Utilizing the power of the ShippingEasy platform and partnering with DHL Express global sales partner InXpress, you can ship internationally cheaper than using USPS Priority Mail International utilizing DHL Express, all within the ShippingEasy app.

What is inXpress? They are a DHL global sales partner that will get you a DHL account, access to discounted DHL Express International shipping rates, and with the help of ShippingEasy, integrate the rates and account into your ShippingEasy account.

Domestic + International. InXpress save you heaps of money on International and of course ShippingEasy has you fully covered on Domestic with our low, low USPS Rates. 

In summary, what you get with as a ShippingEasy utilizing inXpress DHL Express rates:

  • Rates that can be lower than USPS Priority Mail International
  • No minimums: Simple pay when you ship
  • No setup or hidden fees, works seamlessly with your ShippingEasy account
  • Import discounts

Want to know more about cheaper international shipping?

Go to the inXpress sign up page to begin setting up an account at this link:

If you are a ShippingEasy user:

Fill out this form about your International Shipping needs and we will connect you to someone at inXpress to get better International rates.

If you are not a ShippingEasy user:

Start your free trial now and let support know you want to utilize inXpress discounted rates, or email with any questions you have about International shipping rates and inXpress.


That’s it! You’re one step closer to much sought-after lower International shipping rates.


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