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More bulk actions! + things you need to know

By Jack Ship
Feb 6, 2014

Happy Thursday! I’d like to share a few things we released overnight – but more importantly, mention features we already have that you might not be familiar with. Many existing features were requested in our recent survey. So, we need to do a better job helping you find these things! In the meantime, we’ll list them out for you to scan through in case of interest.

  • BULK ACTIONS from Shipment History: now you can select as many shipments as you like and Duplicate, Cancel labels OR generate Return Labels. You can also bulk print Customs Forms for selected International shipments (UPS, FedEx). A huge time saver. You’ll find all of these options in your Shipment History.



  • 3d Cart niggles
    • 3dcart store owners will notice URL validation and redirect checks to prevent your store disconnecting. We have also inserted retries on 3dcart order updates to ensure status updates on all fulfilled orders.



REMINDERS: things mentioned in our survey that you might have missed:

  • UPS, FedEx – we integrate with both of these carriers now. If you’d like to add your UPS or FedEx account, just go to Settings>>Shipment Settings>>Rate Providers. We’re happy to give you a hand with this! Just call, email or chat.



  • Etsy, Amazon, eBay.Magento – we integrate with all of these marketplaces!. You can add your Store in Settings>>Stores.



  • Suggest Features and/or Improvements – you requested a place to suggest and vote on improvements. It’s here:



  • Merge Orders/Combine Orders/Group 2 Orders/Split Orders – we have all of these features available right from the Orders page!



  • Manual Orders, email orders, orders that didn’t originate in my store: you can create a shipping label for any order or shipment from the Orders page:

  • Email Shipment Notifications to Customers: this is available as an option in your STORE settings. To turn this on, go to Settings>>Stores>> and select the Store you would like to enable the shipping confirmation email. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the option.


Additional requests that we are working on in February:

  • Integration with
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Integration with OpenCart
  • Improved Packing Slips – if you have comments, post them here:
  • Quick Shipment from the Orders page – LESS CLICKS! We hear you….
  • Paste & Parse default in Manual orders
  • Faster Batches
  • Dashboard with “at a glance” summary data
  • Delivery/tracking updated in Shipment History for USPS
  • Override address designation (eg residential or commercial) for UPS/FedEx

Please keep the feedback coming. Our new feature request area allows you to start a discussion with other ShippingEasy customers. The more “likes”, the more attention it tends to get from our product team:

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