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Batch everything! + amazon, reporting, postage refill & more

By Jack Ship
Jul 18, 2013

Our engineers have been busy and we have many new features to share. Please read on to learn more about last night’s release if you’d like us to help you with what is most relevant to your personal shipping preferences.

BATCH shipments with varying weights – our batch feature just got better. You can now batch up ALL orders you plan to send with a similar USPS service (eg First Class Mail, Priority Mail, etc) and get simultaneous rate quotes for orders with varying weights. So if you have 10 packages that weight 3 oz, 6 packages that weight 5 oz and another 14 that weigh between 6-13oz, you can batch all 30 together and we will return a rate quote in seconds. 1 click, many labels. To save even more time, make sure to set up SAVED SELECTIONS so that we are already pulling the rate when you land on the Ready to Ship page. Want to see the rate for an individual shipment in the batch? No problem, just click the line item to the left.


One by one order processing – for those that like to quickly process 1 order at a time, we have a new starting point for you. Go directly to the Shipments page, type in the order # that you’d like to ship – and we’ll immediately update the shipment page with all shipping details and get a rate (make sure to set up a Saved Selection for favorite shipping selections). You can skip more clicks and “Finish & Print” – sending it directly to the Ready to Print page. Continue this process until you’ve processed all orders. Fast, easy. In and out. All that stuff.


Amazon is here! ShippingEasy now integrates with Amazon’s marketplace. So, make sure to integrate your Amazon store in Settings>>Stores if you have one so we can help you ship those orders too.


Auto refill your postage balance – tired of being interrupted to refill your postage balance? You can now elect to top up your balance by a certain amount every time it goes below a minimum balance. It’s all completely customizable and up to you. To enable this auto-refill, just go to Settings>>Shipping Providers (rates):


Reporting: make sure to check out our new Reports tab. See where and how you’re shipping at a glance or view a report of all shipments over a specified period. Yes, you’ll be able to export these reports shortly!


We are always here to help. There are a ton of new features and we want to make sure you are set to take full advantage.

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