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How to Become an Award-Winning Customer Service Business

By Rob Zaleski
May 16, 2018
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For us here at ShippingEasy, customer service isn’t an addition to our product—it’s a part of our product. Offering help from a real person here in Austin, TX via chat, email, and phone has been a mission of ours since our inception. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we recently won not one, not two, but three awards for outstanding customer service. In this article, we’d like to talk about our approach to service, and how it helped us win these awards.

Before we go into that, let’s look at the three awards we’ve taken home, because we’re just so excited about them.

The awards

National Business Association Awards

This award, called “The Stevie® Awards,” is referred to by the National Business Association as one of the world’s most coveted prizes. Since 2002 the Gold Stevie Award has been conferred for achievement in business to organizations and individuals in more than 60 nations.

In each Stevie Awards competition, the top scoring qualifying entry in each category receives a Gold Stevie Award. Finalists that receive a final average score of at least 8.0 out of a possible 10 are designated as Silver Stevie winners. All other Finalists are designated as Bronze Stevie winners.

ShippingEasy’s Customer Success team won:

  • Gold Stevie® Award: Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software – Less than 100 Employees
  • Silver Stevie® Award: Customer Service Team of the Year – Computer Software


National Customer Service Association

The National Customer Service Association (NCSA) is the ultimate provider of customer service education, development, and support services in the United States. They have made the criteria for winning an Individual, Team, or Organization All Stars-Award intentionally stringent. This means award winners represent the “best-of-the-best” in customer service across the nation.

Our Customer Success Team took home the Service Team of the Year award for Small Businesses, as ShippingEasy operates with fewer than 100 employees. Every person on our team is committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible to help them succeed in e-commerce.


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It all starts with people

It starts with hiring the right people. ShippingEasy goes to painstaking lengths to find people with the right passion to fit our culture. We look for people who genuinely care about making a difference, contributing, and being part of a team that builds upon each other.

When people care, they go above and beyond to make sure customers have everything they need to succeed. This means not just explaining how our technology works, but at times, walking a customer through an entire consultative process from beginning to end.

We outline a lot of this on our careers page to make sure people know what to expect before even applying for a position.

The consultative approach

Our Customer Success team members see themselves as an integral part of our customers’ businesses. When someone calls, chats, or emails our team, we get to know them, learn how we can solve any and all of their concerns, and leave them with a positive and memorable experience.

The marketing team (of which I’m part) sits right by the Customer Success team, and I often hear conversations ending with “And just a reminder, my name is _____. If you need anything else, feel free to call back and ask for me.” No passing the buck. No one-and-done experiences. We hold ourselves accountable for our customers’ success, at an individual level, and love helping you overcome challenges in your business.

Here are a few examples:

  • Creating email marketing campaigns that elicit responses and generate sales can be a challenge. But Customer Success team member Bailey Weir gladly dives into our Customer Marketing platform with our customer Andrea to help her come up with campaigns that drive revenue. Whether it’s a simple newsletter update, or a promotional email for new products, Bailey and Andrea share her screen, talk through the goals, audience, and copy, and create email campaigns together. Andrea has seen nearly $6,000 in revenue generated specifically from these campaigns over the past month.

We caught Bailey in action doing what he does best—helping our customers succeed!

Few things can cause a panic more than a sudden surge in sales. Luckily for ZZZ Bears, we had them covered, and they shared their thanks in a Shopify Review.

  • “Following a national TV experience we went from Shippo to ShippingEasy. We simply had to to handle the HUGE jump in order volume. And I’m glad we did. ShippingEasy makes it super easy to batch print large numbers of orders at once with a single click. And their customer service is off the charts. Cory patiently answered all of my questions and actually did a lot of the work himself, ensuring everything went smoothly. I highly recommend!”

Customers large and small appreciate the one-to-one level of service of our now award-winning team.

  • Jackie runs a large business with multiple warehouses, multiple locations, and numerous users handling the shipping in his account. You can imagine the intricacies. He depends solely on Customer Success team member Bria to help him sort everything out when he calls to speak with her directly. Bria efficiently helps Jackie solve his challenges through things like setting up automation rules to give him time back in his day so he can focus on growing his business.

Our consultative approach doesn’t just apply when a customer calls in with an issue. This level of service starts with the first onboarding call. Every online seller has unique needs and no setups are exactly the same. Our onboarding specialists walk new customers through every step of the app, catering the app to meet individual needs and make sure that our technology works for that particular customer. This sets every customer up to succeed without having to make major changes to the way they run their business.

What’s next?

This level of dedicated customer service means we are always growing our team. Not just in our Customer Success department, but other departments, as well. Does this mission and culture sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Click below to peruse our open positions and see if there’s a good fit for you to join our mission to help online sellers grow and succeed!

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