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usps shipping rate changes 2017
Oliver Trunkett, Oct 25, 2016

USPS recently released their proposed 2017 rates across all shipping services. While these rates are “proposed” and not final, there is very little chance they will change before they become […]

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Oliver Trunkett, Sep 24, 2015

One area of confusion for online sellers is understanding the difference between shipping rate software and shipping fulfillment software. At a high level, shipping rate software works on the front-end, […]

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Oliver Trunkett, Jul 30, 2015

Are you familiar with shipping Zones? Depending on where you’re located, your shipment’s final destination resides in a specific “Zone” numbered from 1-9. Usually, the higher number your shipment’s zone, […]

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Malcolm Holmes, Jul 21, 2015

Want to improve customer experience, reduce cost, and automate shipping operations? We have assembled the Definitive Guide to eCommerce Shipping to help online sellers optimize the shipping process. There is valuable […]

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Oliver Trunkett, Jul 2, 2015

Mostly everything in the shipping industry runs off of weight. The heavier a package is, the more expensive it is to ship (with a few exceptions). Therefore, getting accurate weight […]

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Matthew Saylor, Jun 2, 2015

Madilynn Bishop – Account Manager,   1.  What’s the number one question/answer you hear every day? One of the most frequent questions we get is “How can I speed […]

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Oliver Trunkett, Apr 23, 2015

Shipping is notorious for incremental costs slipped in here and there that wreak havoc on your bottom line. Fuel surcharges, unexpected delivery charges, shipping supplies, annual rate increases, it all adds up fast. Keeping […]

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Oliver Trunkett, Apr 21, 2015

If you’ve tried the USPS’s online shipping rate calculator, you likely got the answer but only after a lengthy data entry process. Though this calculator is packed with functionality, it requires significant input and sometimes you just […]

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Oliver Trunkett, Apr 7, 2015

I’ll start off with the quick answer: Yes you should offer international shipping. While there’s no specific study to pull from to say just how much international shipping increases an […]

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Alexandria Hart, Mar 31, 2015

At the rate we’re running, it’s tough to keep up. So, we’ve recapped our YTD 2015 feature releases below. Scroll through and make sure you’re taking advantage of every new […]

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Alexandria Hart, Mar 25, 2015

Our recent #ShowUsYourShip giveaway was a success in so many ways! Not only did we get to connect names to faces, but we also saw great creative minds at work. Our […]

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