You know vapes. We know vape fulfillment.

Together, we make shipping easy.

ShippingEasy Knows Vapes

ShippingEasy has worked with vape companies of all sizes and we’re optimized for seamless order fulfillment and lowest cost shipping. We understand that most vape companies are incredibly pressed for time, so your shipping solution should not only fit your process, but improve it. Whether it’s batching orders to print 1,000s of labels with a single click, setting up rules to automate, or an integrated solution to automate your process, we’ve got you covered!

ShippingEasy can help streamline your process and enables rate comparisons across carriers to make sure you are getting the lowest possible rate. Integrate your pre-negotiated UPS and FedEx rates and gain access to the best USPS rates with our Commercial Plus Pricing and Flat Rate Green. This can save you the big bucks when shipping!

Successful sellers use ShippingEasy

We Can Help You

  • All Labels for All Carriers

    • Access to the best rates with USPS: Commercial Plus Pricing & Flat Rate Green

    • Integrate your UPS and FedEx account to access your negotiated rates

    • Automatically assign carriers to orders with automated rules

    • Have an address book in UPS and FedEx? Don’t worry! Upload address books into ShippingEasy to conveniently access contacts

  • Automate Your Process

    • Group like Orders and batch to apply shipping selections to a block of orders

    • Set Shipping Rules to automate actions - for example; group SKUs | products into categories and flag similar orders for faster processing; assign carrier & service based on weight or zone destination. 

    • Customize a picklist to support your specific workflow and process

    • Save Carrier Selections to match your favorite combinations and instantly eliminate repetitive clicks. 

  • Manage All Products & Optimize

    • ShippingEasy handles all Orders regardless of source (website or retail outlet) and helps you manage all product and inventory details. Save the weight and skip time consuming steps in the shipping process. 

    • Upload and manage a centralized list of product SKUs to ensure accuracy across departments/locations

    • Set-up reports to track important metrics like product specific demand, shipping margin and sales tax collected by state. Extract customer data and purchase history for targeted marketing campaigns. 

    • Automatic, real-time tracking updates to your website and your customer - every order, every time

  • Manage your Inventory

    • Manage all product and inventory details. Save the weight and skip time consuming steps in the shipping process. 

    • Upload and manage a centralized list of product SKUs to ensure accuracy across departments/locations

    • Auto-update stock levels in real time

    • Create low stock alerts

    • Prevent shipping out of stock items
    • Purchase orders: create & send

    • Automatically add products
    • Assign suppliers to products

    • Auto-populate purchase orders
    • Track purchase order status

  • Branding and customer management

    • Branded packing slips (with product images to maximize the visual appeal) and customer emails to showcase your company and logo

    • Track customers and their purchases

    • Identify customers by geography, purchase date, purchase amount, and more
    • Group customers based on criteria that matter to you

    • Communicate with your customers: one-at-a-time or in bulk

  • Insure High Value Orders

    • With ShippingEasy, USPS Priority Mail includes up to $100 insurance vs $50 with other solutions

    • Affordable insurance can be added on a per-order basis or automatically applied when an order value is above a set threshold

    • Easy claims process initiated from within the app and processes efficiently by ShipSurance (our partner)

  • “After using ShippingEasy for just a week our labor costs were reduced dramatically. This program is extremely user friendly and intuitive... We were offered a free training...We are thoroughly pleased with our experience with Shipping Easy and would strongly recommend them to everyone else.” Eric at Vapejoose
  • “ShippingEasy is a trusted member of our team. ShippingEasy easily saves us the cost of one full-time employee and drastically reduces shipping errors. They provide great support... Thanks for a great product and service!” Bryan at Vape Dojo
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