You know Supplements. We know supplement fulfillment.

Together, we make shipping easy.

ShippingEasy Knows Supplements

We’re a one-stop solution for printing labels for all orders regardless of carrier or where the order was placed. Optimize your shipping process so you don’t waste time shipping! Gain access to the best USPS rates with Commercial Plus Pricing and Flat Rate Green. This can save you the big bucks when shipping supplements!

Due to the generally recurring nature of supplement orders, many sellers in this space use repeat order promotions. With ShippingEasy, pull reports to identify customers then easily customize shipping email templates to include offers and highlight similar products, thereby fostering repeat orders and loyalty.

Quality Supplement Sellers use ShippingEasy

We Can Help You

  • Streamline Fulfillment

    • All orders in one system- no need to track wholesale and retail orders separately

    • Create users for each of your locations. We’re cloud-based! Designate orders, set-up printers and scales, optimize once to be used by all

    • Aggregated reporting (e.g. shipment stats, shipping margins) for wholesale and retail. Get the full picture!

    • Advanced filtering tools allow you to keep data separate where necessary. If the factory made your bulk product first, filter to wholesale

  • All Labels for All Carriers

    • Access to the best rates with USPS - Commercial Plus Pricing & Flat Rate Green

    • Integrate your UPS and FedEx account to access your negotiated rates

    • Automatically assign carriers to orders with automated rules

    • Have an address book in UPS and FedEx? Don’t worry! Upload address books into ShippingEasy to conveniently access contacts

  • Pick-Pack-Ship

    • Highly versatile and completely customizable pick lists and packing slips

    • Include your logo to enhance your customer's experience while helping your shipping team prepare orders

    • Pick lists help keep your shipping process organized and efficient, showing you which items are needed to fulfill your orders. Individual packing slips ensure that the right items make it into the box

  • Manage All Products & Optimize

    • SKU management simplified - even with 1000s of products

    • Keep a centralized list of all product SKUs to ensure accuracy across departments/locations

    • Build a Catalog in ShippingEasy to update all of your items as they pull in. Set weights, dimensions, and save images to print on your pick lists for quick picking

    • Use the Catalog to automate. Use Shipping Rules to apply shipping options to certain SKUs or categorize similar items to quickly batch

  • Handle Drop Ship Orders

    • Easily split an order and delegate items to your team or the dropshipper

    • Use Split Order, Split Quantity, and even ‘Mark as Shipped’ when the label is printed elsewhere - we’ll still update your website!

    • Set Shipping Rules to identify orders with items that need to be drop shipped. Apply a color category to make it obvious for your team

  • Insure High Value Orders

    • With ShippingEasy, USPS Priority Mail includes up to $100 insurance, data shows that Supplement orders may exceed that value

    • Inexpensive, reliable insurance can be added on a per-order basis or automatically applied when an order matches your criteria

    • With our partner, Shipsurance, we offer a discounted rate of $.77 per $100 of insurance - a small price to pay for peace of mind

  • Streamline Recurring Orders & Subscriptions

    • Make it simple to ship to your gym buffs and health nuts who just can’t get enough!

    • Save addresses or upload CSV files

    • Shipping Rules, Saved Carrier Selections, Batching, and direct connections for printers and scales minimize the steps to print labels again and again

    • Automatic, real-time tracking updates to your website and your customer - every order, every time

  • Simplify & Save on International

    • Analysis of ShippingEasy data shows that around 15% of supplement shipments are international - significantly higher than our customer average of 4%

    • Take advantage of cheap international rates in ShippingEasy and expand your market

    • Completely automate your customs forms: save the content type, descriptions, even electronically sign & date!

    • Integrations with major international consolidators

  • "We were immediately impressed with how simple the interface was, and how much quicker our company could send out shipments compared to our previous shipping program...PHENOMENAL service...I HIGHLY recommend ShippingEasy to anyone with an online store." Planetary Nutrition
  • "Prior to ShippingEasy, we had a dedicated shipping person who spent his days working between our websites, Ecwid, Amazon and eBay. He's also a webmaster and programmer and...worked for a year to integrate another famed shipping engine. To no avail... One of our production people does that 8-12 hour job in 15-30 minutes a day [with ShippingEasy]. And enjoys it." Mark at

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