Shipping International Orders via UPS/FedEx


Getting your package to an international destination requires some decision-making and some extra work.

The route you select for sending your package will determine the extra work; here are your options:

Ways to Ship Internationally

International Shipping via Private Carriers UPS & FedEx

When you use a private carrier such as UPS® or FedEx®, the carrier takes responsibility for moving the package all the way to the door of its final destination, typically providing more robust traceability—and typically at a higher cost.

FedEx®/UPS® international shipping services include $100 of built-in insurance. Any additional insurance you require for your shipment must be purchased. While FedEx® and UPS® offer insurance options for orders, you may also use a third-party solution if you prefer.

When selecting insurance for a shipment going to a specific country other than the US, make sure the insurance provider will accept a claim for shipments going to that specific country. If something happens to your order and the insurance provider doesn’t cover that specific country, they will likely deny your claim.

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International Shipping via UPS

  • Forms: UPS® uses its Commercial Invoice to function as its customs form. It contains all the information required to get your shipment through customs in the receiving country. You can view the form directly HERE.
  • Payment of taxes: In most cases, duties, taxes, and even shipping charges can be billed to the shipper, receiver or a third party. See HERE for more information.

International Shipping via FedEx

  • Forms: The most important document for shipping internationally with FedEx® is their Commercial Invoice. It functions very similar to a USPS® Customs Form. While there are other forms required for shipping internationally through FedEx®, the Commercial Invoice is the most important. For more information see HERE
  • Payment of taxes: FedEx® gives you the option to bill the customs duties to the sender or the recipient if they have a valid 5-digit US zip code connected to their account. International accounts cannot be billed. Refer to for more information.

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