Managing Shipping and Logistics Capabilities

What are eCommerce Shipping Capabilities?

Your business’s shipping capabilities are closely related with your product mix and what you are able to handle when physically processing orders. Shipping capabilities usually impact your physical order fulfillment, the policies on your site and may add complexity to order fulfillment and returns between selling software, shipping software and your physical fulfillment area.

What do I need to consider for shipping?

Whatever you’re selling—and regardless of the size of your business—shipping-related capabilities often have implications for more than one environment. The following table gives you an idea of some of the key capabilities related to shipping and how they are relevant to the environments in the shipping ecosystem:

ecommerce capabilities chart

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The more capabilities you add to your shipping process, the more efficient it can be run while offering customers a better overall experience with your site and service. Things like offering easy returns and different delivery options can help improve a customer’s lifetime value with your site and give them a better experience when interacting with your business.

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This article is taken from The Definitive Guide to eCommerce Shipping


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