Transparency through social media

The idea of curating the perfect social channel sounds incredibly overwhelming. Who has time to stage the right products under the perfect lighting and post it with the right filter?

Your customers do.

Prompt them to take photos after they receive their products and ask them to share these images to social channels. They’ll feel incredibly special – especially if you ask permission to share the photos on your own channels. Now that’s a way to develop brand admiration and loyalty.

As for prospective customers? This strategy will definitely pay off: 72% of Instagram users say they’ve made a fashion-related purchase after seeing that product on Instagram.

Pro tips to boost engagement on your social channels
  • Include calls to action when you ship orders. Want to boost your social engagement? Include a little slip in each order prompting customers to share photos online. Make sure to include your social handles and a dedicated hashtag. It’s simple to automatically add this prompt to both your shipment confirmation emails and packing slips in ShippingEasy.

  • Create a unique hashtag for easy browsing. If you don’t have a dedicated hashtag, you’re going to want to make one. Make sure that it’s something one-of-a-kind. For example, if you sell lamps, you’re not going to want use the hashtag #lovelamps. Thousands of people use that hashtag, and your brand will be non-existent in the conversation. Instead, include your brand name or another unique word to make sure you stand out.

  • Include user photos on product pages. Once your user-generated content starts flowing in, share it on product pages. This will show prospective customers how others are already using and loving your items. Just make sure to ask your customers for permission before you post.


Liz left you a glowing review of the children’s toys she purchased two weeks ago. This tells us that she’s the perfect person to create authentically positive social content. Thankfully, you’ve set up a template for your Shipping Easy Customer Management tool, allowing you to quickly fire off emails to customers who have left you great reviews. Liz receives the email prompting her to share awesome photos on her Instagram page with your dedicated hashtag. She uploads her images and receives tons of love from her own followers, who are now aware of your products and brand.