Managing customer reviews

When was the last time you made an online purchase without browsing product reviews first?

These days, the vast majority of consumers don’t buy anything online without crowdsourcing opinions first. In fact, more than eight in 10 internet users say they generally trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. (eMarketer)

Show your existing customers that you’re trustworthy by featuring product reviews – whether they’re glowing or just so-so. That will show them that you stand behind your products and that your brand is authentic.

Pro tips to collect and shares stronger reviews:
  • Ask insightful questions. Prompt your customers with creative questions instead of simply asking them, “Did you like this item? Please leave us a review.” Inspire them with questions like, “Did this item save you money?” or “How is this product changing your household routine?” Plant the seeds for people to create more insightful reviews.

  • Aggregate the best reviews and showcase them to prospective customers. Once you collect enough reviews on popular products, aggregate the best comments and present them to prospective customers. This can be done via email or social media ads targeted specifically to people who have shown interest in a particular product.

  • Respond to your customers’ feedback. Whether the reviews are good, bad, or something in between, it’s important to respond to as many as possible. It shows the customers you already have that you care about their feedback. And others are watching! Prospective shoppers will see that you take feedback into account and that your brand is customer-centric.


Liz purchased some children’s toys from your site two weeks ago. That’s just enough time for her children to have played with them, and for Liz to have reached out if there were any issues. You’ve set your ShippingEasy Customer Marketing tool to automatically prompt her for a review at that time. Liz sees the message and logs in to leave an honest review of the items.