Walmart Marketplace Shipping

Want More Multi-Channel Selling Options? Try the Walmart Marketplace

Are you looking to expand the reach of your product catalog online and grow sales? Online marketplaces are a great way to do just that, with some prominent players like […]


2018 Dimensional Weight Rates

FedEx and UPS announced back in 2015 that the dimensional weight of a package will be calculated when determining the final rate for shipments. The method of calculating dimensional weight […]

fedex ups rate increase

Fedex/UPS Rate Increases 2018, Dimensional Weight, Residential Surcharge & More

This article has been updated to reflect the 2018 shipping rate changes. General rate hikes now in effect from UPS & FedEx UPS & FedEx rate changes are typically very […]


5 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Returns, Scan-Based Return Labels & More

Returns get a lot of coverage in the e-commerce stats world, as they should. Sellers large and small typically have a returns process in place, however, many sellers can benefit from […]


5 Tips to Make Sure Your International Shipping Label Format is Perfect

International shipping is a bit of an enigma in that it’s very simple and easy to do, yet with so many strict rules, things can go wrong — which can […]


ShippingEasy Now Offers Inventory Management!

If you’re a ShippingEasy user, you might have heard about our upcoming Inventory Management solution that works in conjunction with ShippingEasy from our email updates, or even was one of […]

First Class Package Rate Increase August 2016

First Class Package Rate Increase Coming August 28, 2016, Explanation

Due to a one time rule change in the past, USPS was allowed to inflate rates a bit to increase revenue. When the time on that temporary rule change ran […]


Guide: Save Money on Shipping Labels by Knowing Your Options

Did you know you can save a ton of money on shipping just by knowing your ptions and shipping label prices? Virtually every e-commerce seller out there can benefit from […]

USPS find missing mail

USPS Rolls Out App to Find Missing Packages

In an effort to boost their eCommerce package shipping efforts, The United States Postal Service has rolled out a new app to assist both buyers and sellers in locating lost […]


3 Outdated Ways Online Sellers Manage Inventory

Running an e-commerce business is not necessarily the glamorous lifestyle business many blogs and industry profiles would have you believe. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. And those […]