We made the list and checked it twice!

We made the list and checked it twice!

The holidays are upon us. Shoppers have learned they can order their gifts from the comfort of home without having to endure the craziness of malls. While shoppers relax with […]

Why You Should Include Return Labels with Your Orders

Why You Should Include Return Labels with Your Orders

Returns are a hot topic in the e-commerce world lately, and for good reason. Consumers are only satisfied with the returns process of an online store 53% of the time, […]

Walmart Marketplace Shipping

Want More Multi-Channel Selling Options? Try the Walmart Marketplace

Are you looking to expand the reach of your product catalog online and grow sales? Online marketplaces are a great way to do just that, with some prominent players like […]


2018 Dimensional Weight Rates

FedEx and UPS announced back in 2015 that the dimensional weight of a package will be calculated when determining the final rate for shipments. The method of calculating dimensional weight […]

fedex ups rate increase

Fedex/UPS Rate Increases 2018, Dimensional Weight, Residential Surcharge & More

This article has been updated to reflect the 2018 shipping rate changes. General rate hikes now in effect from UPS & FedEx UPS & FedEx rate changes are typically very […]


5 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Returns, Scan-Based Return Labels & More

Returns get a lot of coverage in the e-commerce stats world, as they should. Sellers large and small typically have a returns process in place, however, many sellers can benefit from […]


5 Tips to Make Sure Your International Shipping Label Format is Perfect

International shipping is a bit of an enigma in that it’s very simple and easy to do, yet with so many strict rules, things can go wrong — which can […]


ShippingEasy Now Offers Inventory Management!

If you’re a ShippingEasy user, you might have heard about our upcoming Inventory Management solution that works in conjunction with ShippingEasy from our email updates, or even was one of […]

First Class Package Rate Increase August 2016

First Class Package Rate Increase Coming August 28, 2016, Explanation

Due to a one time rule change in the past, USPS was allowed to inflate rates a bit to increase revenue. When the time on that temporary rule change ran […]


Guide: Save Money on Shipping Labels by Knowing Your Options

Did you know you can save a ton of money on shipping just by knowing your ptions and shipping label prices? Virtually every e-commerce seller out there can benefit from […]