Ecommerce Loyalty Campaigns That Work for Millennials

This is a guest article by Alexa Lemzy of TextMagic With their man buns, beards, thick-rimmed glasses, and vegan cafes, for better or worse, Millennials are taking over the world. […]

email marketing customer management

Shipping + Email Marketing = Happier Customers

Are the email marketing messages you send your customers rewarding to them? And are they even seeing those emails to begin with? Though 85% of people say receiving discounts is […]

IRCE Chicago ShippingEasy

Join ShippingEasy at IRCE

Let’s meet at IRCE! There are few better places to talk shop about shipping and eCommerce than at IRCE in Chicago, IL—which is why we can’t wait to talk to […]

shipping software showdown saas vs on premises

Shipping Software Showdown: SaaS vs. On-Premises

When you’re on the hunt for shipping software that meets your needs as an eCommerce retailer, you’ll have to make many decisions. One important decision is whether you want to […]

Customer Management without driving your customers crazy

How to Market To Existing Customers (Without Driving Them Crazy)

As I sit down to write this post on communication and customer management, the 80s classic rock song Hold On Loosely by .38 Special comes to mind. “Hold on loosely, […]

Do Customer Management Like Amazon and Netflix

Give Your Customers that Amazon/Netflix Feel

When it comes to customer management, Amazon and Netflix are typically regarded as the Holy Grail. You’ve probably experienced it yourself, and thought “Wow, they really know me.” But that […]

3 Types of eCommerce Purchase History Campaigns

Having the knowledge of your customers’ eCommerce purchase history can be a powerful marketing tool. It gives you insights into what they like, other products they might be interested in, […]

InstantLabel from ShippingEasy

From order to printer without touching a thing — ShippingEasy changed the game

Imagine ecommerce orders and shipping prep that work seamlessly together, instantly, easily. Well, that just became a reality. ShippingEasy has just launched InstantLabel! While you manage your business and life, […]

How to Fix The Top Reasons Customers Abandon Carts

Did you know almost 70% of customers are abandoning their carts? Even though it’s a scary number, there are still 30% of customers who are completing their purchases, and there […]

Keep Your Ecommerce Customers Happy with Personalized Shipping Notifications

Keep Your Ecommerce Customers Happy with Personalized Shipping Notifications

Keep Your Ecommerce Customers Happy with Personalized Shipping Notifications Customers are presently enjoying privileges such as omni-channel buying, 24/7 shopping, and access to extensive product information. With these advances, they […]