ShippingEasy Now Offers Inventory Management!

If you’re a ShippingEasy user, you might have heard about our upcoming Inventory Management solution that works in conjunction with ShippingEasy from our email updates, or even was one of […]

First Class Package Rate Increase August 2016

First Class Package Rate Increase Coming August 28, 2016, Explanation

Due to a one time rule change in the past, USPS was allowed to inflate rates a bit to increase revenue. When the time on that temporary rule change ran […]


Guide: Save Money on Shipping Labels by Knowing Your Options

Did you know you can save a ton of money on shipping just by knowing your ptions and shipping label prices? Virtually every e-commerce seller out there can benefit from […]

USPS find missing mail

USPS Rolls Out App to Find Missing Packages

In an effort to boost their eCommerce package shipping efforts, The United States Postal Service has rolled out a new app to assist both buyers and sellers in locating lost […]


3 Outdated Ways Online Sellers Manage Inventory

Running an e-commerce business is not necessarily the glamorous lifestyle business many blogs and industry profiles would have you believe. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. And those […]

USPS First Class rate reduction

USPS First Class Rate Drop on April 10, 2016? It’s True, See Why…

Click Here for 2019 Update I’ve said it many times before: As time goes on, you should get used to regular shipping rate increases whether they be in the form of […]


FedEx increased surcharge on large packages, effective June 1st 2016

edit June 1st: UPS has announced that they will also be adding this exact surcharge to their services, as well. More details will be added as they emerge. In the […]


#ShowUsYourShip 2016 Winners!

Our second run of the #ShowUsYourShip contest has come to an end. It was a tough choice but we have voted our top 3! With over 100 submissions, the ShippingEasy […]

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#ShowUsYourShip Before It’s Too Late! One Week Left.

#ShowUsYourShip has one week left! Make sure to get all of your submissions in by March 3rd. Don’t forget you can enter as many times as you would like. The […]


4 Reasons You Should Be Using USPS SCAN Forms

What is a SCAN Form? SCAN Forms from the United States Postal Service stand for “Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice” (SCAN). They allow a postal worker to skip scanning each individual […]