New in February: dashboard, faster batches, better messaging

By Jack Ship
Feb 20, 2014

A few exciting things to share – including our long awaited Dashboard and FASTER BATCHES (shaved the time in half so far in 2014). We continue to monitor our feature requests page for suggestions, feedback and bright ideas. Contribute boldly – it’s how we intend to evolve every week.

  • Dashboard: a daily digest of sorts! – find it in the top level navigation
    Easily view Today’s (or month to date) Orders, Shipments and Exceptions at a glance. Plus, a breakdown of Orders by store and Postage by carrier. Everything a business owner needs to see at a glance, including any “exceptions”.

    • Exceptions – are Orders that we can detect in your store – but are unable to download OR shipments that have not been successful at updating back in your store. This will save you scanning through Shipment History or reconciling your Orders in ShippingEasy vs Stores. Ahhhh – more time saving.

    • Never miss an update from ShippingEasy – scroll down!
      The Dashboard will also be home to messages and an archive of our feature emails going forward. Never miss another update!

  • Faster Batches! More evident errors
    We continue to optimize the batch shipment process for SPEED. The move to Rackspace in January trimmed the time it takes to ship a batch by ~30%. Last night we made further updates with the rate quoting step that have reduced it by another big whack of seconds. Since every second counts, we are pleased to share that batches now process 50% faster than when we started 2014.

    • Error flags – in addition, we have added a flag to indicate which individual shipment/s within a batch are causing an error. This will save you hunting them down 1 by 1 – an oversight on our part.
    • 3dCart Order download issue – RESOLVED! Our dev team worked with the team at 3dCart to resolve the chronic order download issue a few of our customers were experiencing. A big thank you for all the cooperation we received from our friends at 3dCart. If you experience any lingering delays, please let us know.


  • Feature Request Highlight: Pick List – we are currently calling for feedback on a new Pick List to make order picking faster. Do you pick by Order? Warehouse location? SKU? A combination? Please jump in on our conversation and share your preferences:



  • Packing Slips redesigned – next week
  • Quick ship! from the Orders page – end of February
  • integration
  • StitchLabs integration
  • Rate comparison across carrier


Hope you have all had a great start to the year!

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