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Become a ShippingEasy Affiliate

Have customers, readers, or users that you think would be a good fit for ShippingEasy? Become a ShippingEasy affiliate and earn a minimum of $100 for every user you bring to us (that isn't on the Starter plan). Full amount paid after users complete their free trial.

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Becoming a ShippingEasy affiliate is recommend to anyone who works within the eCommerce industry. If you review ecommerce platforms and softwares, build online stores for clients, or consult business owners in the ecommerce industry, ShippingEasy makes a great addition to your arsenal of recommended products.


Want to get more familiar with ShippingEasy’s shipping rates? We get better rates than most online shipping services, including popular platforms like and Click ‘n Ship.


Want to know who specifically can use ShippingEasy? These areas go over platforms, carriers, and other areas of support.

Testimonials from Store owners

“It took four times longer to manage shipments with Paypal and it cost three times as much to ship with Ordoro. ShippingEasy is also a customer service dream because it can be accessed remotely from virtually anywhere. This has been great for those emergency address updates. Good luck doing that with bulky desktop apps. ShippingEasy wins.” – Jeff at


”ShippingEasy was the perfect solution for our online business. The service eliminates steps, is easy to use and integrates perfectly with Bigcommerce which makes it easy to stay on top of what needs to be fulfilled and what has already been fulfilled. ShippingEasy has fantastic customer service and is always available if I have a question or an issue that needs to be resolved.”  – Lewis at Strong Side Tactical


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