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Shipping Analytics and Reporting

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Why care about shipping analytics?

Shipping analytics are unique due to the visibility across orders from ALL of your selling channels (if you use shipping software with that capability). It’s typically the most holistic view available – in many cases more powerful than your accounting system.

Shipping platform analytics can provide valuable insights into many aspects of customer behavior and the performance of your shipping process. You can make optimizations and improvements to your store, marketplaces you sell on, which channels perform the best for your business, which channels are under-performing, and much more.

Analytics effect on your business environments

Customer facing selling environment:

  • Incorporate data from shipping platform into sales report
  • Identify and improve under-performing channels

Shipping Environment and analytics

  • Analyze data and generate periodic or custom reports on:
    • Demand: SKUs/products across platforms
    • Just in time: Unshipped orders and SKUs
    • Customers: Items or order value by geography/time period
    • Shipping performance: Costs/on-time performance by carrier, service level, fulfillment location, etc.
    • Supply chain: Monitoring demand trends to improve replenishment
    • Performance: By store/fulfillment location
    • Promotions: Targeting promotions based on behavior
  • For multiple store situation, a shipping platforms to analyze data

shipping analytics

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Shipping analytics provide quick, valuable insights on business performance, irrespective of the number of channels you sell on. Look for a shipping solution with comprehensive reporting capabilities providing easy access to the reports you need to make business decisions.


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