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Best in class features to take your business to the next level

  • The best shipping rates available – Save up to 46%! You will get access to the lowest rates available (reserved fo the largest shippers) and see immediate savings.
  • Multicarrier integration – Ship using USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL all from a single interface—easily connect your existing accounts.
  • Easy label printing – Whether you like to ship 1 by 1 or in a batch, we support your workflow. Printed, professional labels in an instant!

USPS shipping price comparison preview of ShippingEasy platform.

Save Money: Lowest Rates on USPS

  • We offer Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing across ALL USPS products
  • Enjoy 9-46%+ discounts. For example, Medium Flat Rate box: retail: $13.60, our price: $12.05 = $1.55 savings on a single shipment
  • Compare our proprietary Flat Rate Green rates and calculate the hefty savings based on dimensions.
  • Fortune 500 rates, irrespective of volume. We call it a level playing field.

More on high volume shipping rates.

Order Sync: All orders from all sources, one place.

  • ShippingEasy integrates with all major shopping carts, platforms, and marketplaces.
  • Orders download in real time from your stores as sales come in + upload others via CSV or create a one-off label anytime by pasting an address or selecting from your address book.
  • Filter, sort, combine, split — hover to see every last order detail imaginable — do it your way.

Branded Tracking from ShippingEasy mobile preview

Shipping Sync: Shipping & tracking back to store

  • Real time tracking infomation parsed back to your store/s.
  • Order status updated to “shipped” eliminating shipping errors.
  • Branded shipment confirmation details to your customes with full tracking keeping your buyer informed.
  • Instantaneous communication reduces buyer questions and emails — better known as peace.

More about tracking features

Instantlabel: Hands-free printing

  • From order to printer without touching a thing
  • One-time setup with your printer sets it all into motion
  • Orders process, postage is paid, and labels are printed automatically
  • Labels are ready for ship prep when you are
  • There’s no need to log in or even touch the software

Customer Management & Email Marketing

This add-on gets you 500 emails and everything you need to create beautiful, targeted email campaigns:

  • Email templates that will dazzle customers and encourage them to act.
  • Better email segmentation
  • Unlimited customers/subscribers
  • Campaign reporting
  • Everything you need to know about your customers.

World Class Service

  • An efficient, solutions focused team available all day + extended hours support.
  • Phone, email, chat — type or talk, it’s your choice! We are here to serve our customers.
  • From setting up a printer to determining the best way to send a package to Puerto Rico, we’re here.
  • Our customers actually say it best. Read our reviews or just take their word for it: 97% of ShippingEasy customers would recommend us.

Stevie Award winner ShippingEasy 2022 Bronze 2019 Silver 2018 Silver and Gold

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