Shipping Software Fulfillment Flowchart: No Weight Available

Most selling platforms and many carts allow the online seller to enter product weight and even item dimensions for each product they sell. The advantage being the specified weights/dimensions then download as part of the Order detail to most shipping software. This saves weighing products and packages one by one before selecting a carrier and service for shipping.

However, in many cases, this level of detail is not available or the feature was added after a large product catalog already existed. In addition, some sellers prefer precise weights applied to every shipment and the more laborious – though more accurate – weighing of each package before getting a rate quote. This workflow assumes the seller will weigh orders one by one before shipping.

Shipping process flowchart

Here’s the end-to-end process for a more advanced scenario, where product weight and dimensions are not included in the product data feed from the selling platform(s), thus requiring that each order be weighed after packing:

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