Shipping Software Fulfillment Flowchart: Weight Available

Most selling platforms and many carts allow the online seller to enter product weight and even item dimensions for each product they sell. Entering these details across a large product catalog can be a time intensive process – but is only required once. The advantage being most modern shipping software includes these important details as part of the order download process. You enter the weights once in your selling platform, and then it is automatically available in your shipping software each time that item is ordered.

Provided you enter weights accurately, you will save the initial time investment many times over as you ship. Alternatively,  you can use the Product Catalog available in many shipping solutions to achieve the same thing.

Note: If you prefer precise weights applied to every shipment and the more laborious – though more accurate – weighing of each package before getting a rate quote, view the “advanced shipping process flowchart for no weight available“. 

The Shipping Flowchart

What follows is the end-to-end process for a more advanced scenario, where product weight and dimensions are included in the product data feed from the selling platform(s) to the shipping platform. Having this information in the order data feed allows a seller to reduce their shipping workload by 20%-40% versus having to manually weigh each order. Here’s the process:

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