Case Study: Electronics Shipping

Note: As of October 19, 2022, ShippingEasy now offers the lowest USPSⓇ shipping rates in the industry, and the rates reflected on this page are prior to this change and may not be accurate. For more information on these new rates, check out our blog!

Let’s look at some real-world shipping scenarios derived from ShippingEasy customer data (with all identifying characteristics removed) to examine the kinds of shipping methods used for actual shipments, versus what method would make sense given the rate changes took place for 2020.

Our electronics shipping case study is derived from some online electronics retailers that ship a broad range of package sizes and weights. For these sellers, USPS is generally the best option. You can find the current 2023 USPS rates in our USPS 2023 Shipping Rate Changes: Flat Rate, Priority, First Class, w/Tables blog!

E-commerce Case Study: Electronics Shipping

Let’s look at the shipping services they will be using in 2020 and see how the 2020 shipping rate increases impact how they ship:

Electronics shipping case study 2020

We can see that these retailers were smart shippers. They all optimized using USPS First-Class package service and Priority Mail where applicable, so the main differences they will see will be based on how much rates are increasing in 2020. That being said, they should look for any opportunities to incorporate Flat Rate and Regional Rate shipping to trim costs and try to offset the increases.

This case study comes from The E-commerce Seller’s Guide to 2020 Rate Changes from ShippingEasy.

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