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Case Study: Beauty and Cosmetics Shipping

Let’s look at some real-world shipping scenarios derived from ShippingEasy customer data (with all identifying characteristics removed) to examine the kinds of shipping methods used for actual shipments, versus what method would make sense given the rate changes that took place for 2020.

This case is derived from some small online cosmetics retailers that ship high volumes of primarily small packages. In general, USPS First-Class Package Service is impossible to beat for small packages like these. Being that they were already making the right choices for their shipping in 2019, the below chart shows how the 2020 shipping rates will affect these retailers.

E-commerce Case Study: Beauty and Cosmetics Shipping

When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, you can see that item delivery time isn’t as pressing for them as it would be in other industries. They also provide customers with free shipping on every order and weight or value-based delivery charges.

Beauty supplies shipping case study 2020

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In 2020, our cosmetics company should definitely continue to use USPS First-Class Package Service whenever possible, even with the rate changes. This and USPS Priority Mail Flat rate should likely be their first options.

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