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Case Study: Automotive Parts Shipping 2018


Much like food and beverage, automotive parts come in all sizes and weights, however they don’t share the same perishable qualities as food does. Also, a large section of automotive parts customer base isn’t consumers, but businesses and mechanics needing parts for the cars they are working on.

eCommerce Rate Case Study: Automotive Parts

This case study is derived from a pair of small online automotive retailers that ship high volumes of relatively dense, sometimes bulky packages. This case illustrates that USPS is becoming more competitive on these sorts of packages, sometimes even against UPS and FedEx negotiated rates.

Automotive Parts eCommerce Shipping Mix

Since automotive parts come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and distributors work with mechanics and other businesses, there is a need for dynamic and guaranteed shipping options. To handle these parts, shipping costs are based off weight and value, and a threshold-based free shipping is offered.

Automotive Parts shipping changes going into 2018

*For the accessories shipment: in 2017, PM would have been $7.96, saving the seller a bit over their UPS negotiated rate. We expect that their UPS rate will go up in 2018 by at least the UPS average of 4.9%, meaning the slightly increased PM rate will remain a better deal (and also get the package to the buyer in less time).

This is from The E-commerce Seller’s Guide to 2018 Rate Changes from ShippingEasy:
2018 shipping rates

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