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Our powerful enterprise automation platform is fully supported by shipping experts, with advanced tools to grow your business.

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Custom Order Management and Automation to Match Your Workflows

Streamline and save time. Once ShippingEasy is customized to your business, our platform can automatically select the correct shipping configuration for orders based on factors like delivery preference, packaging, weight, items purchased, and shipping destination.

Unlimited users, workstations, and printers supported at no additional cost.

Use All Your Carriers In One Place for the Best Rates

Get the best discounted rates on USPS, plus exclusive Flat Rate Green cubic pricing on qualifying packages. Connect your existing UPS account and negotiated rates to use services like SurePost. As a FedEx Compatible Software Provider and preferred solution, leverage your negotiated rate card. Access services like FedEx One Rate® and SmartPost®.

Ship Internationally? We’ve got you covered with 10 international consolidator options to get the best rates.

Pick, Pack, Print Magic with ConnectEasy

1-click print labels directly to an Inkjet or Thermal printer – no PDF required. Our platform can even automatically send labels to your connected printer. No login required!

Print zero, one, or multiple packing slips depending on your process – all personalized with your logo.

Easily print pick lists in the best order for your process. Use our barcode scanning support to eliminate costly shipping errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Option to send picking and packing slips to printers different from your label printers.


Award-Winning Support and Onboarding

Our team of experts will help quickly onboard your business so you can start shipping on the same day. Our team delivers a customized shipping solution for your specific workflows.

We can also provide best practice optimizations across shipping, fulfillment, and customer marketing.  We’re located in Austin, TX and available by phone, email, and chat.

Integrations to Power Automation

Robust platform that connects to everywhere you do business with more than 60 e-commerce integrations.

Connect with all major stores, marketplaces, and more!

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We power shipping automation for high-growth business

“ShippingEasy has helped save us hours in a day with batching and customization with Shipping Rules.

It’s always intimidating to start something new, but we knew with the amount of orders we were seeing, we needed a long-term solution.

With the training and support team, we were able to automate everything. Shipping was seamless!” – Steven Ford, Co-Founder, Sand Cloud

+5,000 shipments per month, selling on Shopify, using USPS & DHL Global Mail

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Advanced Insights

Customizable reports for any view needed to run your business efficiently.

Filter by unshipped and fulfilled orders, carriers, destinations, shipping service, customer segments, products, and more.

Reduce time wasted pulling reports for other teams. Automatically sent reports to different teammates daily, weekly, or monthly. Empower your team with the insights needed to make business decisions quickly.

Enterprise Features


  • Shipping rules | mapping
  • Saved selections
  • Tracking status updates
  • Shipping confirmation emails

Pick and Pack Products

  • Customizable packing slips
  • Bar codes on packing slips
  • Print orderpreferences
  • Pick lists sorted by preference
  • Warehouse / Bin location
  • Multi-location support

Order Management

  • Split, combine, recombine orders
  • Batch order processing
  • ID duplicate recipients
  • Digital vs physical orders
  • Categorize / group orders
  • Filter by order type
  • Arrange order columns
  • Edit orders
  • Manage gift orders
  • Manage order notes
  • Ship from multiple locations

Unlimited User Subaccounts

  • Sub accounts contain unique carrier accounts and stores
  • Automatically associate store orders to carrier accounts
  • Ability to charge shipments to a third party account


  • Unlimited shopping carts
  • Unlimited marketplaces
  • QuickBooks: Desktop & Online versions via Webgility
  • Public API: order, rate quoting
  • Inventory Mgmt: Stitch Labs, Scout, Solid Commerce
  • Listing Engines: Channel Advisor, Solid Commerce
  • EDI
  • ERP: Netsuite, Accolent


  • Thermal / Laser printer support
  • Multi-printer routing
  • USB scale support
  • Bar Code scanner support

User Management

  • Limit user permissions
  • Assign orders to specific user
  • Printers by user
  • Scales by user
  • Reports by user

Multi-Carrier Accounts

  • Associate one or more stores with multiple carrier accounts
  • Integrate carriers on a per-merchant basis
  • Automatic assignment of store orders to the correct carrier accounts

Product Management

  • Direct Product Import or CSV Upload
  • Detailed Product Catalog
  • Product Image Support
  • Product Download via CSV
  • Full Onboarding and Ongoing Support
  • Help Center with Product Videos

Carrier & Rate Management

  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing
  • Flat Rate Green Cubic Pricing
  • Discounted insurance rates
  • Quick rate comparison
  • Save carrier selections
  • USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global
  • UPS SurePost, FedEx SmartPost®, FedEx One Rate®
  • International Consolidator Support
  • Global Advantage Program (GAP)

Email Marketing

(optional add-on)
  • Unlimited customers, lists, and subscribers
  • Beautiful pre-populated templates
  • Fully customizable templates
  • E-commerce email automation
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign reporting
  • List management

Shipping Labels

  • 4"x5" - 4"x8" Label Support
  • Label as packing slip: SKU, Order #, Qty on label
  • USPS SCAN Forms support
  • Rubber stamp support
  • Carrier note support


  • Shipment reports
  • Order reports
  • Shipped Product Status Report
  • Unshipped Product Status Report
  • Scheduled reports, automatically emailed
  • Custom Reports

Multi-User Support

  • Assign orders to users
  • Designate printer per user
  • Designate scale per user
  • Reports by user

International Support

  • Customs Forms automation
  • Consolidator support

Return Management

  • Scan based return labels in outbound shipments
  • PDF return label direct to customer via email

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Drive Repeat Business with Email Marketing

Choose beautiful email templates to create automated and scheduled promotional campaigns to bring customers back to your store.

Include curated or automated product recommendations in delivery confirmation emails and packing slips to increase order volume.

Use the unlimited Customer Database to automate lapsed customer promotion and product repurchase reminder emails.

(optional: only $69 per month)

View all Customer Marketing features

Feedback Management

More ratings drive more sales!

Automate emails across all your sales channels requesting seller feedback and product reviews upon order delivery. Customize the pre-built email templates and automation timing to your preferences.

Monitor and respond to Amazon feedback to manage your marketplace feedback.

(included with optional Email Marketing tools)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of online seller is the Enterprise solution for?

Large merchants with significant daily volume (hundreds/thousands of orders per day) OR daily deal, peak sale merchants. It is designed for businesses that are managing more complexity, multiple users or locations, assembly line workflows, extensive picking processes, and sophisticated reporting requirements.


What type of support can I expect?

Extensive. Upon sign up, you will be introduced to your Implementation Engineer who will help set up and configure ShippingEasy based on your specific requirements and preferences. This includes store integrations, mapping rules, insurance, customs, carriers, printers, scales, plus integrations with your accounting and inventory management systems as required. We have the most comprehensive customer success team in the industry, including chat, email, and phone. Call us: 1 855 202 2275.


How long does it take to set up and learn?

You can be set up and shipping same day. Integrating stores, downloading orders, and printing labels is quick and intuitive. But the real value is in customizing ShippingEasy to your processes and preferences. That’s where your Implementation Engineer (IE) steps in. We work with your availability (it is rare we can’t get you a same-day setup). The IE is guided by your process and can make recommendations to adapt our system to your preferences while pointing out relevant features and automation techniques to save you time.


What sort of improvement should I/my team expect?

Immense. With large sellers, shipping processes have to scale with orders—fast. Accurate packing and shipping is crucial and significantly impacts customer satisfaction. We build and implement tools to ensure your process scales—without errors. And we automate the very steps where you invest the most time. You can expect significant time and rate savings.


Does the Enterprise Plan come with discounted rates?

You bet. We offer USPS Commercial Plus Pricing and heavily discounted dimensional rates called Flat Rate Green, only available on ShippingEasy. You can also plug in your FedEx, UPS, DHL Global, or International Consolidator account and take advantage of your negotiated rates with these carriers. If you’re not sure what carrier or service is best for different order types, just ask. Our team is trained to help.