Shipping Fulfillment App for Knocking

Automate Common Shipping Tasks

Set automated shipping rules to match workflows and customer preferences. Even set shipping labels to print automatically right when the order syncs. When you print the label, we’ll automatically update your store with the tracking number and update the status – easy!

Access Discounted Shipping Rates

ShippingEasy has the lowest rates on USPS and access to all current carrier discounts. Plus, ShippingEasy has exclusive Flat Rate Green pricing on items under 20lbs. Sellers can offer flat rate or free shipping with their time and money savings.

Ship Thousands of Orders

It’ll feel like just a few. For both seasoned shippers or those new to eCommerce, a flash sale can be intimidating. Our team of shipping experts is trained to help flash sellers. They’ll make sure you’re prepared before you go live, and are here to help well  after your air date.

ShippingEasy is the complete shipping solution for Knocking sellers

Big Savings on All Shipments

Automate the Shipping Process

  • Automatically assign preferred shipping methods to shipments with Shipping Rules
  • Batch shipments to take the guess work out and save time
  • Shipping confirmation emails with clickable tracking links automatically sent to customers
  • Seamlessly import orders, allowing processing from a single application
  • Multiple-user support with optional permissions restrictions
  • Advanced reporting features for a detailed view of your shipping process and expenses

Complete Shipping Solution

  • Customizable, full-color packing slips branded with your logo
  • Pick list support for streamlined order processing
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Split & combine orders endlessly

Consultation + Service

  • ShippingEasy provides a direct phone line to our support team – no phone tree! Plus live chat and email support 7AM-7PM CST
  • Robust ShippingEasy Knowledge Base to answer virtually any shipping question
  • Free training for new signups – we’ll make sure you’re fully setup to ship

ShippingEasy features to help Knocking sellers ship faster


  • Shipping Rules | Mapping
  • Saved Selections
  • Tracking Status Updates
  • Shipping Confirmation Emails
  • Buy & Print

Pick and Pack Products

  • Customizable Packing Slips
  • Bar Codes on Packing Slips
  • Pick Lists Sorted by Preference
  • Warehouse/Bin Location
  • Multi-Location Support

Order Management

  • Split, Combine, Recombine Orders
  • Batch Order Processing
  • ID Duplicate Recipients
  • View Item Product Images
  • Digital vs Physical Orders
  • Categorize | Group | Filter Orders
  • Arrange Order Columns
  • Edit Orders
  • Manage Gift Orders
  • Ship from Multiple Locations

Product Management

  • Product Catalog Support
  • Product Image Support
  • Assign Product Categories
  • Auto-Save New Products
  • Product Bar Code Support

Carrier & Rate Management

  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing
  • Flat Rate Green Cubic Pricing
  • Discounted Insurance Rates
  • Quick Rate Comparison
  • Save Carrier Selections
  • USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global
  • UPS SurePost, FedEx SmartPost
  • International Consolidator Support


  • Unlimited Shopping Carts
  • Unlimited Marketplaces
  • QuickBooks: Desktop & Online Versions
  • Public API: Order, Rate Quoting, Address Validation
  • Inventory Management: StitchLabs, Solid Commerce & More
  • Listing Engines: ChannelAdvisor, Solid Commerce
  • EDI


  • Shipment Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Shipped Product Status Report
  • Unshipped Product Status Report
  • Scheduled Reports, Automatically Emailed
  • Custom Reports

Customer Marketing

  • Automated Marketing Emails | Campaign Management
  • Fully Customizable Plug-and-Play Templates

Multi User Support

  • Assign to Orders to User(s)
  • Designate Printer per User
  • Designate Scale per User
  • Reports by User

Shipping Labels

  • 4"x5", 4"x6", and 4"x8" label support
  • Label as Packing Slip: SKU, Order #, Qty. on Label
  • Thermal, Laser, Inkjet Label Support
  • Rubber Stamp for SKUs & Carrier Notes

International Support

  • Customs Forms Automation
  • Consolidator Support

Return Management

  • USPS Scan-Based Return Labels
  • PDF Return Label Emails to Customer


  • Thermal/Laser Printer Support
  • Multi-Printer Support
  • USB Scale Support
  • Bar Code Scanner Support

Inventory Management

  • Tracking & Automation
  • Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Management

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy is shipping fulfillment software that pulls in your orders from any marketplace or e-commerce platform you sell on. From the ShippingEasy dashboard, you can process orders, print discounted shipping labels, send automated tracking # emails to customers, manage returns, and much more.

What are some of the advantages of using ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy greatly reduces the manual work and error prone tasks from processing and shipping orders. Some of the ways ShippingEasy saves time and money for sellers:

  • Access to the best USPS shipping rates
  • Automatically send tracking # emails to customers once they’re created
  • Print labels faster through batch processing, batch printing, or completely automated postage selection through Autoship
  • Post order status and tracking #s back to Walmart Marketplace in real time
  • Process orders on other selling platforms to consolidate the entire shipping process in one place
  • Schedule USPS order pickups through the app
  • Easily upload and manage your products, variants and packs with Inventory Management

How does a Free Trial work?

The free trial is 30 days, with no commitment or contracts. Cancel any time within your trial period and you won’t pay for anything. Credit card required on signup to pay for postage.


“We launched bootcuffsocks.com in late September 2014. Almost overnight we jumped from 10-20 orders/day to 300-400 orders/day, and as a result, we became backlogged with over 1200 unfulfilled orders that we couldn’t get out the door. After a call with Caitlin at ShippingEasy.com, she had us up and running the same day, and two of us were able to ship all 1200 orders within 3 days of signing up. Before shippingeasy.com, we were fulfilling orders one-by-one, but today we are able to print our orders in bulk, which has resulted in us being able to easily ship ~300 orders per day with 1-2 people, and has cut shipping time by at least 50%.”

Your Joyologist

“I am absolutely loving ShippingEasy. Every time I have a question I get immediate support. Which is huge for me. Everything is so smooth and no copy and pasting! I have been telling all of my friends with online stores to check them out.”

Ready to simplify and optimize your shipping?

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