You will have accurate inventory and timely fulfillment.

ShippingEasy’s advanced product and inventory solution provides accurate inventory counts across all channels, automates supplier management and reordering while providing product performance metrics to optimize your product catalog.

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Inventory Management for E-commerce

Inventory Management ensures accurate order fulfillment, eliminates out of stocks and increases customer satisfaction.

Automate Your Inventory

ShippingEasy makes sure to automatically update and sync product quantities across each of your integrated sales and supplier channels.

  • Assign shipping rules to flag low stock orders
  • Sync inventory with orders/shipments
  • Override SKU stock quantity inline
  • Receive stock – full and partial
  • Set low stock alerts and safety stock quantities to eliminate overselling
  • For Amazon sellers, full support of Multichannel Fulfillment (MCF) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

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Purchase Orders & Suppliers

ShippingEasy creates a supplier database and connects suppliers back to your products.  This enables you to go from low stock – to purchase order with SKU specifics quickly.

  • Create, send and update purchase orders on the fly
  • Track a purchase order’s status
  • Update purchase orders as they arrive
  • Assign products to suppliers
  • Manage all your suppliers in one place
  • Easily update contacts, unit cost, payment terms, tax rate and more

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inventory management suppliers and purchase orders

At-a-Glance Dashboard

No need to waste time searching for the reports and metrics that are important to managing your inventory. The at-a-glance dashboard features the information you need to know quickly.

  • Total units sold based on a time frame
  • Top products by revenue and units sold
  • Active products (available units vs. committed units)
  • Low-stock products
  • Top suppliers and purchase order data

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Inventory Management dashboard

Offer Bundles & Kits

ShippingEasy enables you to generate both kits and bundles even if your e-commerce platform doesn’t support them.

  • Create both kits and bundles
  • Can be advertised as a single product across most platforms and marketplaces
  • Automatically update the individual stock levels across all your channels

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Reporting and Analytics

Turn data into actionable business decisions. With advanced reporting and insights, we make it simple to read your historical sales data and plan for the future. Get the full picture in one simple reporting hub.

Sales Velocity Reporting

View the rate at which you sell your products to make smart business decisions. Know what items deserve more attention so you can plan ahead.

  • Automatically calculate velocity reports
  • Show velocity for 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Identify selling trends for individual products
  • Gain insights on which platforms perform best with which SKUs
velocity reporting inventory reporting

Forecasting and Replenishment

Know exactly how much inventory to reorder and when to order it using ShippingEasy’s predictive forecasting. Never miss a sale because of stockouts while still minimizing inventory on hand. Get peace of mind while saving time and effort when reordering.

  • Instantly generate a reorder forecast that covers the next week, month, or quarter
  • Quickly create purchase orders based on recommended replenishment quantities
  • Customize lead times for accurate reorder periods
  • Predictive countdown of days left to reorder before a stock outage
velocity forecasting report inventory management features

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More about Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management solution is fully integrated into your shipping workflow. As you fulfill orders and restock products, we’ll track all of your inventory behind the scenes, keeping everything in sync.

Real-Time Low Stock Alerts

Know ahead of time when you are running low on products and automate restocking.

Product Management

Assign categories and shipping rules to products making it easier to customize your workflow.

Automated Product Import

Automatically import your product catalog from your marketplaces & storefronts.

Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management

  • Variant and SKU alias support
  • Track FBA stock levels
  • Forecasting and replenishment reports
  • Debit inventory with new stock
  • Credit inventory with orders/shipments
  • Override SKU stock quantity inline
  • Receive stock – full and partial
  • Low stock product filter for quick ordering
  • Allocate stock to orders
  • Safety stock for more control
  • Maximum quantity available setting
  • Sales velocity tracking

Purchase Order Management

  • Easily filter to low stock products
  • Auto-generate POs based on assigned suppliers
  • Email POs directly to supplier
  • Download POs
  • Receive stock against outstanding POs
  • View overdue POs (coming soon)


  • Sync inventory levels back to store/s
  • Assign shipping rules to flag orders with low stock product/s
  • Auto-split orders

Product Management

  • Import product catalog or download from store/s
  • Create bundled products
  • Create product variants
  • Assign categories to items and SKUs
  • Assign shipping rules to products | categories
  • Upload product images (accuracy, pick list, packing slip)
  • Assign suppliers to products for easy re-order
  • Assign SKU aliases to product/s that have multiple SKUs
  • Calculate inventory value by assigning wholesale prices

Supplier Management

  • Enter suppliers, terms and individual contacts
  • Enter multiple addresses and set a default
  • Assign suppliers to products for easy re-order
  • View POs by supplier/s


  • Sales Velocity Report
  • Forecast and Replenishment Report
  • Inventory Status Report
  • Inventory Low Stock Report
  • Schedule reports and have them automatically emailed
  • Products Committed by Date Report

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  • View FBA and non-FBA inventory levels in one place
  • Set low stock alerts and filters specifically for FBA products
  • Make smarter repurchasing decisions
  • Import FBA orders and customers to include in reports
  • Run reports on all your orders, shipments and products, including FBA