ShippingEasy Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management

  • Debit inventory with new stock
  • Credit inventory with orders/shipments
  • Override SKU stock quantity inline
  • Receive stock – full and partial
  • Low stock product filter for JIT ordering

Purchase Order Management

  • Easily filter to low stock products
  • Auto-generate POs based on assigned suppliers
  • Email POs directly to supplier
  • Download POs
  • Receive stock against outstanding POs
  • View overdue POs (coming soon)


  • Sync inventory levels back to store/s
  • Assign shipping rules to flag orders with low stock product/s

Product Management

  • Import product catalog or download from store/s
  • Create bundled products
  • Create product variants
  • Assign categories to items and SKUs
  • Assign shipping rules to products | categories
  • Upload product images (accuracy, pick list, packing slip)
  • Assign suppliers to products for easy re-order
  • Assign SKU aliases to product/s that have multiple SKUs

Supplier Management

  • Enter suppliers, terms and individual contacts
  • Enter multiple addresses and set a default
  • Assign suppliers to products for easy re-order
  • View POs by supplier/s


  • Inventory Status Report
  • Inventory Low Stock Report
  • Schedule reports and have them automatically emailed