ShippingEasy features and tools that make it easy

Ship More. Pay Less.

Today’s online seller has products distributed all over the web, from a standalone eCommerce store to the leading marketplaces. ShippingEasy simplifies the tedious part - after an order is placed - and saves you time and money on shipping.

Save on Shipping

Shipping hundreds and thousands of orders can get expensive. Here's how ShippingEasy helps you save

Flat Rate Green

Flat Rate Green

Flat Rate Green is a special rate that prices shipments based on your order's dimensions rather than weight, which offers steep discounts on smaller, heavier packages. Available exclusively on ShippingEasy.

Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP)

Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP)

Huge discounts on USPS shipping services like Priority Mail, Flat Rate, Regional Rate, Express Mail, and International Shipments. Lowest prices available online - save up to 46% vs what you are likely paying now.

Insurance Savings

Insurance Savings

Deep discounts on shipping insurance that are a fraction of what you're used to spending. Significant savings combined with easy claims through the app.


A few of the features that help us do just that

SAVE MONEY: lowest rates on USPS

Immediate savings, Endicia account included.

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ORDER SYNC: download | manage

All orders from all sources, one place.

  • ShippingEasy integrates with all major shopping carts, platforms and marketplaces.
  • Orders download in real time from your stores as sales come in + upload others via CSV or create a one off label anytime by pasting an address or selecting from your address book
  • Filter, sort, combine, split – hover to see every last order detail imaginable – do it your way

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SHIPPING SYNC: status | tracking

Shipping & tracking back to store/s

  • Real time tracking information parsed back to your store/s
  • Order status updated to “shipped” eliminating shipping errors
  • Branded shipment confirmation details to your customers with full tracking keeping your buyer informed
  • Instantaneous communication reduces buyer questions and emails – better known as peace.
  • More about tracking features



All major carriers, one system

  • USPS: access to ShippingEasy CPP rates enabled via an Endicia account included with all plans
  • UPS & FedEx: plug in your account number – and start printing labels with your negotiated rates in seconds
  • Access to DHL Global and International Consolidators to save you more
  • Compare rates, select service, print labels – the rest happens in the background.
  • MAPPING: map your customer’s requested carrier and print labels automatically. Shipping Magic!
  • Create sub accounts to integrate carriers on a per-merchant basis

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All seller channels, one system

  • Selling on more channels = more orders = more revenue
  • Integrate directly with marketing platforms like Channel Advisor and SolidCommerce
  • Streamline “more orders” into a single system – ShippingEasy
  • Filter by Store anytime to keep visibility of order source
  • Status updates and tracking numbers back to each channel in real time



You set the rules, we follow

  • Shipping Rules let you assign carriers, categories and more based on IF, THEN type statements
  • IF your buyer says Ground, THEN the order is automatically mapped to your preferred ground carrier
  • IF your order is a certain weight range, THEN map to a certain package and service
  • Leverage our Product Catalog and Categories to give you more control over rules based shipping
  • Etc! Automate the rules you ship by – life-changing efficiency
  • Read more about shipping automation features



From order to printer without touching a thing

  • One-time setup with your printer sets it all into motion
  • Orders process, postage is paid, and labels are printed automatically
  • Labels are ready for ship prep when you are
  • There’s no need to log in or even touch the software



Track. Order. Receive. Sell. Ship. Manage. 

  • 2 way sync to your store/s for real-time adjustments
  • Create, send, receive and track POs within the app – updating your store/s on status
  • Manage suppliers | contacts and assign to relevant product SKUs for 1 click orders
  • Products, purchase orders and suppliers all seamlessly integrate
  • Our comprehensive inventory management solution is available to all ShippingEasy users on paid plans



Less is more, we hear you

  • Compare hundreds of shipping options at once
  • Savings shown for each package option includes surcharges
  • Save money without endless rate quoting and clicking
  • The green button effect – if you see it, click it



Your way, our way

  • 1 click shipping by Order # or select and print a single label on the fly, OR
  • Group like Orders and batch to apply shipping selections to a block of orders
  • AutoShip eligible orders based on historical patterns and our machine based learning tool
  • 1 by 1 or Batch – use one, use both – we support your process
  • More about batch printing

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What you want, where you want it

  • Easy browser printing with or without PDF – you decide
  • Print Customs Form to 1 printer and labels to another
  • Print packing slips and pick lists to a laser printer, shipping labels to a thermal
  • Point specific print jobs to specific printers, or send them all to one – you’re the print boss using ConnectEasy




Pop it on, we pop it in

  • Scale reading is auto-populated directly to the app screen
  • ConnectEasy acts as a virtual bridge between your scale, browser and computer
  • Eliminate pesky weight errors and enjoy machine based accuracy



Extend your borders, hassle free

  • Auto-populated, accurate Customs Forms
  • International Order details added to the right form in real time
  • Customized Settings to automatically complete the form
  • Built in Harmonized Code search and recommendation
  • The globe just got smaller. Mas dinero! Capisce?



Reverse labels, SNAP!

  • Scan based returns allow you to put a return label in the outbound box for buyer convenience but only get charged IF the label is scanned; OR
  • 1 click Return Label PDF – auto- emailed direct to your customer
  • 1 click Exchanges supported with Duplicate Labels based on the original shipment
  • Same low rates, no extra work



Peace of mind, built in

  • Deep discounts on shipping insurance from our trusted partner, Shipsurance
  • $0.59-0.77 per $100 value vs retail rate of $2.35++ – a fraction of the cost
  • Set up rules to automatically add for certain order values or destinations; OR add as you go
  • Easy online claims via Shipment History on ShippingEasy



A place for everything and everything in its place

  • Order management beyond shipping –categorize, add notes, sort, filter, hold, color code
  • Label management beyond the initial print job – duplicate it, cancel it, refund it – unlimited times
  • Multi-user, multi-location features allow you to assign certain orders or print jobs to a designated user and/or location
  • Administration and organization beyond your imagination

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Stats and trends at a glance

  • Quick Dashboard stats AND comprehensive, downloadable reporting
  • Set up customized reports and receive via email at whatever frequency you name
  • Name a date range and extract shipping costs, trends, zones in a snap
  • Postage cost breakdown by rate provider, service, package and destination
  • Find the answers in the numbers, with ease- including product demand, sales and shipping costs across all stores



Your brand, your hero

  • Create the best impression with customized, branded messaging
  • Upload your logo and apply to Packing Slips, Shipping Confirmation and Return Shipment emails
  • Customize your customer messaging to add flair and another layer of professionalism
  • Keep your customers informed automatically and reduce inbound queries



Help is on the way, your way

  • An efficient, solutions focused team available all day + extended hours support
  • Phone, email, chat – type or talk, your choice! We are here to serve our customers.
  • From setting up a printer to determining the best way to send a package to Puerto Rico, we’re here
  • Our customers actually say it best – read our reviews or just take their word for it: 97% of ShippingEasy customers would recommend us.

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  • Robust solution supporting the processes and label printing needs of merchants shipping 500+ orders per day
  • Unlimited Product Catalog easily populated and updated, facilitating shipping rules and central item weights across all online stores
  • Shipping automation – rules and predictive analytics – all set up by an implementation engineer, saving you from repetitive tasks and manual errors
  • Learn more about our Enterprise Plan