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Access Commercial Plus Pricing—the guaranteed lowest shipping rates—regardless of size. Plus, get exclusive rate and insurance discounts.

Print Labels Fast

Print labels, manage orders, automate shipping, track shipments, and notify recipients—all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based shipping platform.

Automate Workflows

Powerful automation streamlines shipping, tracking, and returns so you can turn your focus to more important things—like building your business.

Discounted Rates

Our customers are guaranteed the lowest shipping rates regardless of size.
Get Commercial Plus Pricing, exclusive rate discounts, and insurance savings and save up to 46%.

Rate Discounts

  • Huge discounts on USPS shipping services like Priority Mail, Flat Rate, Regional Rate, Express Mail, and International Shipments
  • Commercial Plus Pricing – the lowest prices available (typically reserved for customers shipping >50K per annum)
  • Deep discounts on shipping insurance — a fraction of what you’re used to spending

Exclusive Rates

  • Flat Rate Green offers steep discounts on smaller, heavier packages
  • Exclusive special rate that prices shipments based on box size rather than weight
  • Only available on ShippingEasy—request a rate comparison for immediate feedback

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Shipping Workflow

Manage orders, automate shipping with rules, organize packing with pick lists and packing slips, track shipments, and notify recipients — in one easy-to-use platform.

All Orders - One Place

  • Integrates with all major shopping carts, platforms, and marketplaces
  • Orders download in real time from your stores
  • Filter and create custom views for your orders
  • Sort, combine, split, re-combine orders with ease
  • Upload CSVs or create one off labels anytime

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Print Labels, Packing Slips, Pick Lists FAST

  • Fast browser printing for any workflow
  • Print labels, packing slips, picklists, and customs forms
  • Print using a laser printer, thermal printer, or both
  • Print labels automatically with InstantLabel

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Automate Shipping

  • Automatically map carriers based on your customers’ delivery preference
  • Map specific rules to order management and label printing
  • Create rules for weight, delivery preference, package size, and more
  • Automatically add insurance to specific shipment types

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Advanced Reporting

Get the insights you need to stay on top of your shipping, customers, and tracking, all in one place.

Report Your Data Your Way

  • Completely customize a report for whatever you need
  • Run comprehensive shipping reports, or segment by destination or service
  • Export data based on your needs: customers, orders, unshipped orders, etc.
  • Create a summary of your product sales
  • Completely customize a report for whatever you need

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Tracking and Returns

Tracking and returns are integral parts of the e-commerce customer experience. ShippingEasy makes them easy on you and your customers.

Tracking in a snap

  • Real-time tracking information sent to your customers and stores
  • Send branded shipment and delivery confirmation emails automatically
  • Add a tracking number to drop-shipped orders
  • Send return labels at time of shipment or offer return labels by request—your choice

Branded Tracking

Level up your customer support and help your customers track their orders with our new Branded Tracking page. This BETA product will continue to offer exciting new features in future releases!

  • Curate a branded experience with an brand-cohesive page
  • Improve customer support with one-click tracking
  • Drive traffic to your website with personalized links that keep customers coming back for more
  • Stay connected with customers by featuring your social channels

Make returns easy

  • Automate your returns with a single click
  • Scan-based returns only trigger a charge if scanned
  • Same low rates for return labels
  • Real-time tracking information sent to your customers and stores

Alexa for Shipping

Ship using only your voice with the ShippingEasy skill for Amazon Alexa. This innovation helps you get more done with less clicking.

Say It. Ship It.

  • Get order information, including destination and rate quote
  • Batch print labels with one command
  • Print packing slips and pick lists for any and all orders
  • Send directly to your printer via ConnectEasy
  • Purchase USPS postage at any time

Organize your day with Amazon Alexa

  • Quickly find out how many orders need to be fulfilled today
  • Ask Alexa about your newest or oldest orders
  • Gain insights on how many orders have been shipped today, last week, etc