How ShippingEasy can help

ShippingEasy Inventory Management, Customer Marketing, and the best rates

ShippingEasy Inventory Management

ShippingEasy Inventory Management allows you to automate your inventory across all channels,
better manage suppliers, sell more through bundles and kits, and gain product performance insights. Inventory Management ensures you never run out of stock, helps you grow your product offerings, increases your average order value, and most importantly, saves you time.

ShippingEasy Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy Customer Marketing allows you to organize and segment all of your customers’ contact information and purchase history, then easily act on those insights. Set up one-time or repeated automated marketing emails to help generate reviews, automate product follow-ups, get repeat customers, and drive more orders.

Unlock the best shipping rates

ShippingEasy enables you to automate, standardize, and predict all shipping rates across a variety of products and scenarios. Use those standard rates to determine your margin-friendly flat shipping rates. ShippingEasy offers the lowest USPS rates and provides access to all other carrier discounts. Avoid cutting into your margins and unlock the ability to offer flat-rate or free shipping on all your savings.

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