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Soapie Shoppe

We spoke to Rachel at Soapie Shoppe about ShippingEasy and this is what she had to say…

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

We sell bath bombs. The majority of our orders are small, first class parcels that weigh approximately the same amount, so being able to batch shipments on most of our orders at a time was awesome! We could just filter for store and quantity, press create batch, and choose shipping for 100 plus orders at a time. Then the printer would spit out the labels and voila! We started to feel like we could begin growing our company. In my husband’s words, “getting ShippingEasy was like taking on an employee at $49 per month.” I agreed. Now I’m free to make and ship our products! Since joining ShippingEasy, our sales are up 400 percent. ShippingEasy freed our time to focus on the important tasks of growing our company! ShippingEasy allowed us more free hours to study our competitors, make plans and implement them so that we were not just maintaining but growing our brand.

Shipping Easy easily integrated with my UPS negotiated rates allowing us access to savings we have through UPS. We could never get our negotiated rates to show on Amazon for some reason. I think our greatest savings has come not in postage, but in the time spent -and we all know time is money.

Customer Service with ShippingEasy has been fantastic! Not only do they have a very educated staff, but their enthusiasm in their assistance is notable. They seem genuinely ready to help and truly concerned about our company. It was nice that they would stay on the phone during the process of setting up shipping rules, packaging, etc., as well as being willing to do screen shares for the more complicated elements of the process (such as connecting UPS, or Endicia accounts). To some people these things may be easy, but for us, we needed assistance and it was nice to have the continual support for the tasks that seemed overwhelming.

 What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

Before we joined ShippingEasy, our shipping process was very arduous. We were new to selling on multiple platforms (Etsy, Amazon and our own Website) and had to go back and forth between screens, organizing shipping. This proved most difficult on our dominate platform, Amazon. Looking up orders took a lot of effort and was time consuming. We couldn’t batch shipments, and we didn’t have easy access to customer names, orders or order details. Sometimes you could see who purchased the order, but you could not easily look up who the order was shipped to. Our shipping process was stunting the growth of our company. We needed a solution that could keep up with the increasing volume so we could focus on other aspects of the business, like production.

What prompted us to switch to ShippingEasy was curiosity mixed with a little desperation. Our orders were beginning to overwhelm us. We were making all of our products from scratch each day, are full time parents, and some of us were holding another job until the business took flight. We were looking for a solution to streamline the process so that we could spend more time with production and less time clicking!

We had some reservations about trialling ShippingEasy at first. At the time our sales were just beginning to take off, and we had no guarantee of continued sales so we were a little tentative about spending $49/mo. The free trial really helped with that hesitation. No question, it is worth it.

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

Tracking on ShippingEasy is readily available. I can see via a symbol whether it has arrived or is in transit. Also, when we get customer inquiries on any platform about the tracking of an order, all I have to do is open ShippingEasy, search the tracking number and the order comes up. Or if I do not have the tracking number I can search by their name. SUPER user friendly!

I love quick ship, the cancel shipment option, and create duplicate label option. I love quick ship for those customers who want a sample and did not actually place an order. I can simply cut and paste their address without having to go to any extra trouble on a shipping generator. I love the ability to cancel labels because if someone’s order comes back before being processed, I can make a new label with a few easy clicks.

A little bit about Share the Love Today…

Soapie Shoppe specializes in bath bombs. For more information, visit their website.



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