Why Serious Online Sellers Choose ShippingEasy

By Rob Zaleski
Apr 30, 2019
Why serious online sellers choose shippingeasy

We could tell you that ShippingEasy saves our customers time and money every day. But then again, that’s what everyone says, so why do serious online sellers choose ShippingEasy as their trusted shipping, and customer email marketing solution? Part of it is in the question: three major elements of e-commerce under one roof. ShippingEasy is more than that, however. You may have different solutions that integrate with each other already, so what does having them all in a single solution do to make your life easier? What does ShippingEasy offer that is different, unique and ultimately, more beneficial to you as an online seller? Those questions are what we’re going to talk about today to help you make the most educated choice when choosing the best solution for your business.

It’s all about the data

In e-commerce, and business in general, data fuels everything. There are an inordinate amount of insights available to e-commerce merchants in your order and customer data if you know how to look for them. This data can then be put to use to feed into your inventory management and email marketing efforts.

Order data → Inventory replenishment and forecasting → promotional email marketing
Automated email response data → shipping/order fulfillment → inventory replenishment

Let’s put those into a real example.

Summer is just around the corner. Mari Ann runs a health and wellness products company. Historical order data can tell her what to expect from the upcoming season. She may see a boon in business as people prepare for summer. Or perhaps she’ll see a decline in business from earlier in the year when people were full of new-years-resolution aspirations. The historical order data will tell her.

All of this data can feed directly into replenishment and forecasting reporting to show Mari Ann exactly what to expect for the upcoming season. She’ll know a good deal on how much of which products to order, when, and how much more or less over past years. If she used disparate systems that don’t transparently talk to each other, this type of forecasting isn’t possible.

Once Mari Ann knows how much product to order and when to expect an increase in business, she can begin using that data to fuel promotional email campaigns. Customer data gives her insights on how to segment her audience so she can tailor her messages accordingly to increase conversions and make the most of her marketing efforts. Perhaps her VIP customers get one type of offer, lapsed customers get another type of win-back messaging, and the rest of customers get yet another type. All of this is based on data that is available at Mari Ann’s fingertips, with reports and at-a-glance dashboards in ShippingEasy.

why serious online sellers choose shippingeasy platform

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Our expertise improves your expertise

ShippingEasy isn’t just a technology platform. We’re built on people and insights. One of the best parts of being a ShippingEasy customer is having an army of e-commerce experts at your disposal—from the moment you get set up to any time you have questions about how to optimize your business.

shippingeasy testimonial

This expertise extends far beyond just our platform. We educate customers on email marketing best practices, ways to streamline inventory and sell more products, and how to optimize warehouse layout and shipping procedures to create efficient workflows. We look for opportunities to improve processes and increase business for our customers, as well as potential landmines to avoid that a customer might not even be aware of. It doesn’t always have to be a complete overhaul, either. Incremental changes can have major impacts, and we’ve seen this with our customers time and time again.

ShippingEasy employs a team of expert consultants who are available to our customers. Our Warehouse Fulfillment Expert will visit customers’ warehouses and shipping departments to help them optimize the way they pick and pack, as well as screenshare to look for opportunities within the platform that could save time and money. Our Email Marketing Experts help our customers set up email campaigns, implement a promotional strategy, and will even build beautiful email templates that are branded with a customer’s logo and ready to deploy. None of this expertise comes with an added cost. It’s just part of the service we provide.

Here’s a real example:

Andrew visited a customer of ShippingEasy that sells, among other things, automotive accessories that lock. Replacement keys are a huge part of their business, but also a time-consuming one. Matching everything up perfectly is crucial. When Andrew showed up, the staff had 50 packing slips on a table with 50 unique keys to pack and ship.

When it came time to process, the staff were literally going into ShippingEasy, hitting CTRL + F to find the order by customer name, manually creating a label with the appropriate shipping method, and packing it up. Andrew introduced them to using barcodes on the packing slips. Now all the shipping staff has to do is scan the label on the packing slip and ShippingEasy will bring up the order. Another barcode scan for either Priority Mail or First Class Package Service, and the correct label is generated. Going from a completely manual process to two-scans-and-done left the owner saying “This will literally save us at least an hour a day, especially on busy Mondays.”

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The real benefits of a single solution

As we’ve recently seen with Mailchimp and Shopify, sometimes relationships between companies can sour. When they do, this situation leaves business owners scrambling, as they’ve come to depend on the integration between these separate technologies. This concern is alleviated when you have everything under one roof.

why serious online sellers choose shippingeasy features

You also know that all of the different elements will work together seamlessly, as the data mentioned above flows freely between your order management, and email marketing efforts without disparity. As the speed of e-commerce continues to increase, online merchants can’t afford to be bogged down with the possibility of their tech stack being rendered useless at a moment’s notice. When you have fewer tech integrations to concern yourself with, you can focus less on that concern and more on building and growing your business.

Can your business afford to depend on the hope that disparate technologies will always work together? Run your business the smart way by bringing your shipping and order management, and email marketing into a single platform. Try it all FREE for 30 days by clicking below.

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