Q: Who uses ShippingEasy? A: Online sellers and ecommerce businesses of all sizes, selling all things

By Rob Zaleski
Mar 25, 2015

Our recent #ShowUsYourShip giveaway was a success in so many ways! Not only did we get to connect names to faces, but we also saw great creative minds at work. Our ShippingEasy customers are both big and small, processing orders from large factories or their own homes, and they all have one thing in common – saving money on shipping!

Big sellers, sending thousands of shipments daily

Efficiency is key. Looks like Trimtuf and Kauffmans Fruit Farm have their shipping processes down to a tee!



Big sellers with skilled teams

Busy teams with long pick lines and hundreds of orders going out daily doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! These guys know what it’s like to be featured on the likes of Shark Tank and the Today Show and they’re experts at handling tons of orders at once… all with a smile!



Work from home ecommerce entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurs are pro multitaskers!  Whether they’re managing their latest daily deal on Jane.com, or juggling the kids, the dogs, and the laundry, these entrepreneurs are skilled at the art of getting things done and doing them well! (They also have very cute assistants.)



Smaller sellers seeking professional labels, time and cost savings on shipping

These ecommerce sellers are rockin’ super successful Shopify and etsy platforms! Their businesses are growing and obviously, they’re having a little fun. Luckily, ShippingEasy scales with businesses big and small.



Our customers clearly turn on the magic everyday! We are thrilled to see the excitement surrounding #ShowUsYourShip and the enthusiasm of our customers while they pick, pack and ship anywhere from 1 to thousands of shipments each and every day.

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