5 Things Every Daily Deal Seller Should Know

By Jack Ship
Mar 24, 2015

Authored by Kaitlin Norton at Jane.com

As an online boutique marketplace we work with hundreds of sellers everyday. You could pretty much say we have mastered the ins and outs of selling on a daily deal site. Since I know time is a rare commodity for us all, I have created some quick tips for you!

1. Whistle while you work hard


Where there is major reward, there is also hard work. Selling on daily deal sites takes some effort. You may hit it out of the park on one deal and flop on the next. The biggest takeaway is to realize that every deal is not going to be a success, and you can’t let one underperforming deal set your expectations for the next. The key is to continue to put in the determination it takes to building a business, because at the end of the day that’s what you are, your very own business.

2. Do your homework


Learn the ins and outs of your specific market and don’t be afraid to be bold. If your target market is women, research what women want. If you are selling on a site geared toward men, you guessed it, find out the hottest new gadget on every guys top 10 list. Check the seasonality of your product, see what others are selling, check what has worked for you in the past, anything to gain insight on what your customers want from you. Market research will help your deals stand out, but not too far out, from the others.

3. Be Consistent, Be-e Consistent


Not every deal is going to be a home run, and that’s okay. Be consistent on the things you do have control over; efficient shipping times (I know a great company that will help with that one), quality product and excellent customer service. Sometimes re-photographing your product and putting it up again can prove to be a success. These Crew Necks didn’t sell very well the first time they ran, but the second time, they hit it out of the park with over 500 sold! Build a good name for your company and continue to be loyal to your customers. You will definitely start seeing a positive return through consistency and determination.

4. Make it picture perfect


You know that saying first impressions matter? Well think of your image as the first impression to your product and your company. Invest in quality photos! Why waste time and effort on finding product, getting it on your favorite deal site only to blow it with lousy photography. I promise you, pictures matter. Make your product look good. Think about lighting, product placement, camera angle, and background. A smart move would be to hire a professional as they can give you an amazing picture through the use of high level photography equipment (that can be extremely expensive) and knowledge of what makes a good picture. As you learn and can invest more in yourself and your business as you grow, consider taking your own photos and doing what it takes to produce your own pictures.

5. We are on your side, use us


I can’t speak for all daily deal sites, but I know at Jane.com we offer many resources to our sellers. The best customer support out there (tied of course with ShippingEasy) a seamless partnership with an awesome shipping company (you guessed it again, ShippingEasy) monthly newsletters, seller webinars etc. Those resources are there to help you become successful. Use them!

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