UPS and FedEx holiday shipping cutoff dates: at-a-glance graphic from ShippingEasy
UPS FedEx holiday shipping cutoff dates

UPS and FedEx Holiday Shipping Cutoff Dates

By Rob Zaleski, Sep 20, 2017

One of the most important aspects of the holiday eCommerce season is knowing how late packages can be shipped and still make it in time to end up under the tree. If you’re looking for USPS holiday shipping deadlines, you can find them here. Otherwise, let’s get into the UPS and FedEx holiday shipping cutoff dates.

Use these dates to plan your shipping service levels now. Knowing the absolute latest dates your customers can order will help you plan what kind of shipping you’ll offer, as well as last-minute promotions with faster shipping. This knowledge also lets you look prepared to help your customers plan accordingly for their orders. One item to note, Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year, so Saturday delivery may be particularly important to customers this year.

We’ve summed up all the UPS and FedEx holiday shipping cutoff dates in the graphic below.

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UPS and FedEx holiday shipping cutoff dates

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For the international shipping options, it’s best to contact UPS or FedEx for further clarification. You can find more information from UPS here, and FedEx here.

And when you’re ready to start shipping, let ShippingEasy help you manage your shipments, track your orders, and save you time during the busy holiday season. Click or tap the button below to learn more!

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