10 QuickShip, Infinite Order split, combine, re-combine, Saved Sort

By Rob Zaleski
Jan 30, 2015

Happy Friday!

We have been adding new features, rules and speed to our app all month long. Our latest release is covered below.

A few things of note:

  • Tell us what you want next! We are planning and prioritizing for 2015. Make sure you tell us what’s most important in this short survey – yes, you can win something!
  • Printers for shipping labels – our resident SMB online shipping specialist, Oliver, reveals why thermal label printers are essential for online sellers and what he recommends.
  • Flat Rate Green – it’s official, favorite feature released in 2014 is ShippingEasy’s new, exclusive rates for packages 2-20lb. Don’t forget to add dimensions to any package >2lb so you get it.

THIS WEEK’s RELEASE (view the full month)

QuickShip – view 10!
We’ve doubled the number of Quick Ship, saved carrier selections, you can access from the Orders page from 5 to 10.
Make sure to select an extra 5 from your Settings to display them on the QuickShip menu.


Split order, split quantity, split again, combine, split, recombine
We’ve got you covered – you can now split and combine endlessly. Even split quantities within a single order on a single item. Then, recombine some if you need to. Complete flexibility like you asked for.


Sort Orders, save preference

Not only can you Arrange Columns in whatever order you like (and hide those you don’t like) – but now sort those columns and we’ll hold your preferences. Do you ship the oldest Orders first and sort by Order # or Date or Age? You’ll notice a new indicator (underline) for which column the Orders page is sorted based on, an arrow indicating which way you’ve sorted but most importantly, we’ll hold this sort until you change it. Overnight. Forever, really.


Store details – hover

Many of our customers use the same brand name for stores on different marketplaces (eg eBay and Amazon), making it difficult to tell which is which. So, we added a hover with all the details you need right on the Orders page:


ShippingEasy Support Center – a brand new online resource with in depth articles, videos, tips & tricks to get the most out of ShippingEasy and shipping more generally. Check it out! You’ll be surprised how much you can learn and configure with 5 minutes of scanning.

WooCommerce v2: improvements to product options, requested shipment service and SKUs assigned at the product option level.

Finally, please take 5 minutes to take our survey. We’ll share what we learned and what we’re doing as a result next month. We build based on what our customers ask for – so please ask!

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